10.13.15 Stars vs Oilers (Second Period Tire Fire)

We outshot the Oilers. We out-possessed the Oilers. We drew more penalties, won more face-offs. We also had more giveaways because hellooooo we were turnover CITY for a while.

BUT WE ALSO OUTSCORED THEM SO WHATEVAAAAA. I mean, honestly though Oilers I love you quite a bit, just not when you’re playing the Stars.

Here it is your first expected graph of the season because Carolyn is BACK and she has her COMPUTER CABLE AND EVERYTHING.

Legend for first timers:
CF% is Corsi For %, or a measure of possession using all attempted shots
CF% Rel shows how that player did in CF% compared to the team without them
FA/60 is unblocked shots (Fenwick) against per 60 minutes – a measure of defense
iSC/60 is individual scoring chances, aka shots from more dangerous areas of the ice, per 60 minutes
All numbers are 5v5 and score adjusted from war-on-ice.com

10.14 v EDM Game Chart (1)

New season, new graphs. Would first like to point out that Jordie Benn faced one shot from the Oilers when he was on the ice. One. That’s why his possession numbers are ridiculous. And while the Oilers shots were kind of pathetic for a while there, they ended with 28. And only one against Jordie Benn. JUST ONE.

I’ll belabor that point as long as hockey twitter belabors McDavid’s tip in goal. Which is to say, for the rest of my natural born life.

First period

10.13.15 Stars v Oil first

So I started this game by looking up how many times we lost to the Oilers in recent seasons, because I like to torture myself. Turns out we’re 2-1-0 and 2-0-1 in the last two seasons. So. Like. At least I have an idea of what to expect, I guess.

There were a sick number of turnovers to start the game, even with some good chances for the Stars to start off. Janmark didn’t score on his first shift and, not gonna lie, that was a disappointment for all of us, I think.

Connor McDavid made a big impression right off the hop, but not really in the way you’d expect.

He’s on my shit list, that’s for sure. And he gave this confused face afterwards, like he didn’t understand why Jamie was so mad that nothing was called. Uhhhhh, sure son.

Hemsky got caught on an odd man rush and flipped around like an actual defenseman and poked the puck away from Taylor Hall. It was so beautiful. His new hip has given him a new lease on hockey skills and I’m so thrilled with it.

I don’t have gifs of all the goals, but Jason Spezza scores the first while I’m in the bathroom, which was kinda hilarious. I was told I had to stay in there, but I refused, for obvious reasons.

Eaves went out with a lower body injury towards the end of the first. Update on this after the game:

But no word as to what actually happened. Although, no surprises there.

ETA: This seems to be the offending play:

I don’t have any other angles or any word one what part of his lower body hit the boards first.

One up going into the first intermission!

Second period

10.13.15 Stars v Oil second

We had four power plays this game and scored on a grand total of none of them. It was kind of pathetic. But this one was definitely better than the first one was. (As you can see, a later point on the graph is me asking if we can just decline power plays. You’ll remember me asking this last season, I presume? It hasn’t improved.)

But whatever, why worry about the power play when we just score 5v5 instead? Because Jamie did. No gifs, but here’s a video:

Like, this kinda goal doesn’t normally happen in the NHL. It’s the kind of fancy shit that works in junior and then gets rookies laughed off the ice in the big leagues. Except . . . it works here. Why? Because Oilers.

Whatever, I’ll take it.

Klefbom, he of the recently extended contract, scores to put the Oilers on the board. It actually looks like it got redirected by Fiddler’s glove as he was trying to block it, but instead of keeping it out Fiddler just provides a nifty screen for Kari. Soooo. That could have gone better.

And then Connor McJesus McBaby McDavid scores the first of his storied career and all of hockey twitter explodes and I drown myself in salt. Did I want the Stars jersey to be the backdrop of every single angle of this goal for the next twenty years? I sure as shit did not. But it’s also, pardon my saltiness, (or don’t I really don’t give a shit) not that impressive a goal?

Like, e for effort I guess, but that goal would probably have gone in anyway. And a tip in? That’s your pick for McJesus’ first goal? IT’S A TIP IN. IT’S NOT EVEN A HIGHLIGHT REEL TIP IN. IT’S JUST A TIP IN. But I’m still gonna have to hear about it forever.


This is also the period where Stars twitter collectively lost its chill.

And we take that sad tie into the third.

Third period

10.13.15 Stars v Oil third

I’ll be honest, this graph was almost one of those squiggly lines where I’ve basically given up on highlights and lowlights in favor of just screaming into the void. But! It all ended in a win! So I went back and checked my twitter timeline.

My brother came home during this period (I was babysitting and he has a big screen TV). He hasn’t watched a lot of hockey, but he did get home in time to make fun of Tyler Seguin totally whiffing on that breakaway. You know which one I mean. This is also right around the time that Carolyn tweets out to remind us that we’re winning the Corsi battle by a substantial margin, because she likes to cause me pain.

But hey WHATEVER because Sharp scores his first as a Star! Again! Except!

Goal under review.

Which was hilarious for a while because Razor and Strader are replaying it and talking about it and some point Razor refers to it as teabag goaltending, which I then had to explain to several people on twitter (it’s on wiki guys, look it up) which was, you know, kinda awkward. BUT TEABAG GOALTENDING, LOLOLOL.

All fun and games until Toronto takes our goal away. Idk if they’re mad about the Sharpie trade or if they’re just trying to break the spirit of the DFW area in advance of today’s Blue Jays/Rangers game, BUT IT WON’T WORK. I DON’T CARE ABOUT BASEBALL.

Anyway, replay shows the puck clearly entirely across the goal line, Toronto says the whistle was blown before the puck crosses. Mass booing in the arena ensues.

Kari makes a BIG save on a breakaway for Yakupov with five minutes left to go in the game, when we’re STILL TIED. It was a HUGE momentum changing save for the Stars that turned into a rush going the other way. Hemsky carries it back, passes it at the blue line to Roussel who drops it in the zone for Spezza, who buries it behind Nilsson for a 3-2 lead.

ETA: Stars twitter helpfully provided this video of those two plays:

But you have to remember, Kari saved the game. Seriously you guys.

Kari assists on Spezza’s empty netter to round out his hat trick and that’s the game.

Wasn’t really a good look for the six Oilers skaters on the ice, but you can’t save them from themselves.




2 thoughts on “10.13.15 Stars vs Oilers (Second Period Tire Fire)

    • The hype is his junior career, which I paid zero attention to but which, by reports, was pretty impressive. He has yet to impress me at the NHL level, however.


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