Podcast Episode 21 –10.20.15 (The One with All the Baseball)

6 games into the season and the Ladies breakdown what’s breaking down (Stars forwards), Merrin sings the classics, Carolyn needs therapy, no one likes Philly, and we all love Mike Heika. Grab your bug-out bags, it’s a new podcast!

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Supplemental Materials

Here’s a link to our Texas Stars Yearbook from last season, aka the first time we ever heard of Radek Faksa.

Here’s a link to my other article on Faksa, for my “mistress” blog, Today’s Slapshot.

Sam Gagner tries to fight Brenden Dillon and it does not go well for him

Oh and since there’s a podcast, there’s no game recap, but you can read through Defending Big D’s if you’d like.

Here’s your game chart. Notice everyone over 50% Corsi For % last night. For a quick primer on how to read this, click here.

10.20 v PHI Game Chart


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