Catching Up – Charts from 10.8 & 10.10

I’m back! Unfortunately I was kind of dumb and left my laptop charger in TX while I was on vacation so I was unable to provide charts for Merrin’s recaps like I normally do. (Also, poor Merrin had to do 3 in a row).

Anyway, the Game Charts are back now – you’ve probably seen the one vs Edmonton. Here’s a quick intro to them.

First, I color code all the lines & pairs.

Green – 1st line
Yellow – 2nd line
Orange – 3rd line
Blue – 4th line

Purple – 1st pair
Pink – 2nd pair
Grey – 3rd pair

This year, I’ve chosen to present four different metrics. For each metric, blue is good, red is bad. The darker the color is, the better or worse that skater did.

  • CF%, or Corsi For % is a possession proxy that’s based on all shot attempts (shots on goal, missed shots, and blocked shots).
  • CF% Rel is a measure of how that skater did in CF% versus the team without that skater.
  • FA/60 is Fenwick Against (aka, unblocked shots against, so it is corsi without blocked shots) per 60 minutes. This is generally accepted as a good measure of how a team performed defensively. Lower is better here, because shots against are bad.
  • iSC/60 is Individual Scoring Chances per 60 minutes. A scoring chance is a shot that’s harder for goalies to save, and therefore is more dangerous. Unlike CF% or FA/60 this is specific to the skater, not a “who is on the ice” metric.

So, with that all explained here are the charts you missed while I was away 🙂

10/8 vs the Pittsburgh Penguins

10.08 v PIT Game Chart

10/10 vs the Colorado Avalanche

10.10 v COL Game Chart


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