10.31.15 Stars vs Sharks Game Recap (The ~Spooky~ Halloween One)

Happy All Hallow’s Day everyone! Can you believe the Stars are 9-2-0???? Like, what is this world I have woken up to? Of course, Halloween wasn’t without its frights (2nd period anyone?) but goddamn do I love watching these guys play hockey.

Per usual, all numbers are from war-on-ice and are 5v5 and Score Adjusted, unless otherwise stated.


10.31 v SJ Game Chart

The Stars destroyed their foes from San Jose in 5v5. Even Peter DeBoer called it out after the game: the Sharks just didn’t play well at even strength. This is where having four really strong lines is most important. If you’re always able to attack at will, the opposition has to be a lot more careful about their own puck management.

  • Side Note: Holy Radek Faksa. Faksa got one of the best chances in the 3rd to put the game away, but was stopped by Alex Stalock right on the doorstep. Yes, as the current 4th line, Faksa is not going up against the Pavelski’s of the world, but as @brandonworley put it on twitter “you want to see a rookie do the best he can with the minutes he’s given.” This is Faksa’s 4th straight game where he’s had an 8% or better Corsi For % Rel (aka pulling the team up by at least 8% when he’s on the ice).
  • Side Note 2: Speaking of Rookies (and almost rookies), both Janmark and Nichushkin also had some good chances last night. Both of them are likely to return to their scoring ways soon.

Patrick Sharp just can’t stop scoring goals now, eh?

Más o Menos

DeBoer employed his coach’s challenge last night to try and overturn Dallas’ fourth goal on a missed offsides call. In general, I am pro-challenge (and this one actually went our way!) because honestly the officials do screw up in situations, especially with goalie interference, a lot. However, this call was so obviously on-side that it looked like DeBoer just wanted to take a long time out and was like “eh, might as well challenge.”


Listen, we’re all thinking it: Is the 2nd period our new 3rd period? Last year we would always melt down in the dying minutes of the game, allowing multiple goals against and generally being outplayed. This year, it seems like we’ve moved that timetable up 20 minutes.

  • Side Note: I guess the good thing is that we now have more time to come back and win the game, which we’ve done (knock on wood), but I’d really rather…not…do…this. So if we could maybe work on that this road trip?

Our Special Teams, which had been humming along, were completely out of whack yesterday. The Penalty Kill allowed two goals against, and the Power Play allowed a shorthanded goal (while not picking up any points themselves despite 4 opportunities).

  • Side Note: I’m going to chalk this one up to “everyone has a bad game sometimes” but I would also like to add this to my pile of “let’s not do this in the future.”

Goals on Goals



2 thoughts on “10.31.15 Stars vs Sharks Game Recap (The ~Spooky~ Halloween One)

  1. I’ve had my reservations this year about Nichushkin, but I’ve really seen an improvement in both his play and his on-ice decision-making. He’s taking more sits himself rather than the automatic deferral to someone else. This is encouraging. And I love that Fiddler finally potted one! They’re spreading the goals like peanut butter!


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