Podcast Episode 22 –11.03.15 (The One with the Candy)

In this post-Bruins game episode, the Ladies discuss Dallas’ hot start to the year, attempt to eat their weight in lollipops, talk about the come-from-behind shenanigans we’ve seen, sell their souls for a buck, rate the best and worst NHL halloween costumes, answer reader questions, and Carolyn & Merrin just aren’t ~meant to be~.



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Supplemental Materials

First, I looked up the rule about scoring on a delayed penalty:

15.2 Calling a Minor Penalty – Goal Scored: If the referee raises his arm for a delayed minor penalty and the non-offending team scores a goal, the minor penalty is wiped out. Major and match penalties are still assessed, however.

Lauren & TJ Oshie’s Halloween Costumes:

Taking my pup for a stroll before the party😂 😜🎃👻

A post shared by Lauren Oshie (@lauren.oshie) on

Phil Kessel’s Hot Dog Friend:

Ovechkin’s Lame Batman Attempt:

Photo: @nastyashubskaya

Jamie’s Adventures in Germany (what were you thinking with that hair???)


And very finally, your game chart from Boston:

11.3 v BOS Game Chart


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