11.8.15 Stars vs Red Wings Game Recap (The One Where We Don’t Blow a Lead)


How does it feel to be off to a franchise best 12-3-0 start? I’ll tell you how I feel. LIKE THE WORLD IS MADE OF GLITTER.

11.9 seguin points leader

That’s right, our very own Tyler Seguin is tied for first in the points race, with captain and BFF, Jamie Benn just a step behind him. Yesterday’s game was a lot to process, so let’s get right down to it.

Unless otherwise stated, all numbers are from war-on-ice.com and are 5v5 and score adjusted.

The Good

VAL GOT HIS FIRST GOAL OF THE SEASON!! Finally, he got rewarded for all of his hard work.

  • Side Note: While the Kiddo line didn’t put up particularly great numbers overall yesterday, this is the second game (of 3 games together) where they’ve gotten points on the board. Also they were mostly matched up against the Detroit line of Nyquist, Tatar & Sheahan, which has a heck of a lot more experience (and presumed fire power) and they held their own. I will take it to the bank.
11.8 v DET
Note: To read this chart, know that bigger = more shared ice time and blue is good, red is bad

Jordie Benn is on a three game point streak. Yes, I wrote that correctly. No, he and Jamie did not swap jerseys.

  • Side Note: He was also named Third Star last night, so I’m convinced I’m living in some sort of alternate reality where the hockey players I like are actually recognized for their contributions.
I appreciate that they went with the Jordie Benn circa 2012 roster photo
I appreciate that they went with the Jordie Benn circa 2012 roster photo

For the second time in a row, Kari allowed just one goal – and against a very hungry Red Wings team. The final score for this bad boy might’ve been 4-1 thanks to two empty net goals, but as I said on twitter, this was a 2-1 victory for the team. There was some lax defending during parts of the game and Lehtonen came up huge to keep the score line what it was.

Not only is Tyler Seguin tied for first in points, John Klingberg now leads all defensemen in points as well.

  • Side Note: WHAT’S GOOD PHWA?

And props to the Red Wings music guy, who played “Collide” by Howie Day right after this happened.

The Más o Menos


11.8 v DET Game Chart

Once again, the Stars dominated in the first period in possession, but let the Wings catch up and get some good looks in the second. Unlike some of the other games, we managed to hang on to our tenuous 2-1 lead, which kept us going in the craziness that was the third period.

  • Side Note: It’s been said, but I’m saying it again – the GQ line (Benn, Seguin, Sharp) is the most dangerous one in hockey.

The Bad

That third period was one of the craziest I’ve watched in a while, and it can mostly be attributed to poor reffing.

  1. They failed to blow a play dead when Howard was lying prone on the ice, after he took a knee to the head (accidental contact, Spezza was clearly trying to avoid the goalie).
  2. They completely whiffed on a Delay of Game penalty against the Red Wings (though didn’t make the same mistake twice, calling one against the Stars with less than a minute left in the game).
  3. They only gave Ericsson two minutes for ‘roughing’ for sucker punching Ales Hemsky after this hit that bloodied him, but didn’t call Hemsky for anything.

  • Side Note: The Dallas commentators are of the opinion that Hemsky will pay a fine or be suspended for that hit. We obviously don’t have as many angles as the NHL does, but to me it looks like the initial point of contact is the shoulder and he’s too close to the boards for it to be “boarding”. The cut happened because of contact with the glass, not because of contact with Hemsky. If Byfuglien got off for “full body contact” then I don’t see how Hemsky doesn’t, but considering that the rules seem to change per hit (and who’s doing the hitting), who knows.

Goals on Goals

Razor (and Ruff)-isms


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