11.10.15 Mailbag (The One With the NHL Beard Hall of Fame)

As we mentioned on the podcast last week, we’ve gotten TOO many good questions recently – if we answered them all on air, the podcast would be two hours long! So we pulled out the ones we thought needed visual aids and have added them to our mailbag for this week!

Amanda Asked:

[Note: We’ve edited this question for length]

I would like to get the opinions of two Dallas fans who have seen a lot more of Daley than me… I have been excited about Daley since he was traded here! And he was the coolest dude when I met him at the convention. I don’t know if I’m not seeing it because I don’t get a chance to always catch games because of work but [Chicago fans] tweet about him like he is Rundblad levels of bad on defense. But like the last few games his +/- has been positive considering we lost one game 6-5 and tonight’s 4-2.

Stat wise he is, I think, leading the Hawks in %CF and maybe he hasn’t scored any goals but considering he was paired with Rundblad for several games I don’t understand how a person can say he’s awful? Did he get this kind of criticism in Dallas?

C: To be honest, yes, he very much got that kind of criticism in Dallas. He got that kind of criticism from ME.

M: And me.

C: The thing about Daley is that he’s always been a pretty dang good “offensive” defenseman. But too often that leaves the “defenseman” part hanging in the wind. The Stars last year, in general, had some issues with that, but Daley was by far the worst in shots/scoring chances/corsi against of all 8 of our Dmen. Here’s a couple graphs that illustrate where he’s been through the years.

Daley TOIC% v ZS% Daley SCF v SCA

C: As you can see in the first graph, he’s playing much “easier” minutes with the Hawks, and therefore the expectations of him not making mistakes are probably a lot higher. However, the Blackhawks’ overall style seem to be suiting him well, and he’s on the “right” side of the Scoring Chances Against for the first time in the last four years. In conclusion, it’s very rare for any hockey player to be as good OR as bad as twitter says they are.

M: See, for example: Jordie Benn.


Andrew Asked:

If the Dallas Stars did a Flying V formation for some reason, who should be in each position?

M: Please, god, don’t let them do a Flying V for any reason. But seriously, you’ve got five dudes on the ice, I would think you’d want a good puck handler on the point and your snipers on the ends on either side? So like. Jamie Benn at the point, Tyler and Sharpie on the ends, and whatever defensemen happen to be on the ice filling in at the midpoint.

Unless Carolyn has a better idea for execution.

C: As proven in Mighty Ducks 2: USA vs The Entire World, the Flying V is not a very effective move, and can easily be broken up by bigger, stronger players like Iceland, or you know, the actual Anaheim Ducks. I veto this move outside of juniors.

M: Right but IF. (Side note: do you remember the Oilers doing it like, last season?)

C: LMAO I completely forgot about that. OH OILERS NEVER CHANGE.

M: It was under Ralph Krueger’s regime (Ralph Krueger may he rest in peace) (he’s not dead but his time with the Oilers is). It was sort of useless, it was immediately broken up in the neutral zone. But the point is, they got it out of their zone, which is basically winning for them. (Also turned it into a scoring chance on the other end sooooooooo how useless was it really, I’m now arguing with myself.)

Anon asked:

I’d love to hear Merrin’s fangirling over Jamie leading in goals and points. Here’s hoping Tyler wins the Art Ross and Jamie the Rocket. Weird question, does Jason Dickinson look like he should be called a “cake eater” like Adam Banks?

M: A live look at Merrin:

C: I love everything about this question. I want all of these things to happen, including Jason Dickinson to get nicknamed Cake Eater.


And I’ve never thought about it before but god yes, Jason Dickinson looks like a cake eater.

Andrew Asked:

How many #1 defensemen are there in the NHL? Nobody seems to believe the number is 30.

M: Well. I mean. There are at least thirty players in the NHL who are USED as #1 defensemen, that’s accurate.

C: I think the biggest question is “what constitutes a #1 defenseman?” and that varies from team to team. For me that means a defender has to be able to play 20+ minutes for sure, contribute to the offense, and have average or better defensive numbers (Fenwick Rel, Fenwick Against). And then you have guys that confuse that rating a little bit because they have such an effective pairing, like Josi & Weber or even Klingberg & Goligoski. On the Blues, Pietrangelo is often noted as their #1 guy, but Shattenkirk frequently puts up the same or better numbers on the same or better minutes.

No, I don’t think there are 30 #1 dmen in the NHL – I wouldn’t call Phaneuf one – but I also think some teams have two defenders deserving of the title. I did run some of the stats for this last year, when we were all concerned about Dallas’s defense, if you want to read through my thoughts at the time.

Matt asked:

Who has the best hockey beard of all time?

M: I don’t know about all time, but I’ve google searched some hockey beards in my days, and this is an impressive one I’ve come across:

That is Emil Kaberg, a former Swedish league player who used to be one of half a duo called the Bruise Brothers. No word on his linemate’s beard.

C: Wooooooow. That’s pretty epic. If we’re going to talk who gets nominated to the NHL Beard Hall of Fame, I would like to nominate Brent Burns, even though he’s still playing.

M: Previously mentioned on this blog Jordie Benn. Also Henrik Zetterbeard.

C: And for another historical pick, I’m going with Mike Commodore, who complimented his full and ginger beard with a…choice in hairstyling.


Let us know who your picks are for the Beard Hall of Fame in the comments!


One thought on “11.10.15 Mailbag (The One With the NHL Beard Hall of Fame)

  1. I like Trevor Daley. I like that he was an offensive defenseman. I don’t think you can compare his stats as a Star to those (this is painful to say) as a Hawk.

    First, the ladies are correct in that he’s probably playing “easier” minutes with his new team. In Dallas, he was on the top D line, playing longer and putting him up against elite forwards like Kane, Ovechkin, and Zetterberg. In Chicago, this is probably not the case, which means his stats will naturally be better.

    Secondly, his style of play wasn’t fully realized until Ruff came into the picture. And Daley’s last two years here were magnificent. So much so that his style still permeates the Stars defense. Case in point: Klingberg, who currently leads NHL defensemen in scoring.

    For more reasons why I like Daley, please see my farewell post from a few days after he was traded.


    I encourage Amanda to continue to support him. He’s a great player, even if other (most) people don’t see it.

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