11.12.15 Stars vs Jets (Roomie Writes A Recap)

Before you read this recap, you should probably know that I only watched the final period of this game.  I heard Carolyn yelling about the rest, though, so it’s fine.  Also, there won’t be any graphs, but if you stick with me, there may be (okay, definitely will be) a gif of Rogelio De La Vega dancing. [Editor’s Note: We are halfway through the first season of Jane the Virgin, which is a delight.]

First off, I’d like to say Carolyn was very nervous about this game (probably for legitimate hockey reasons – something about Western Division rivalry… whatever), but I told her that it was fine. We were going to win it because… I don’t know, let’s just say TEAM SPIRIT!!!  I predicted Stars 25 – Jets 3.  This may have been slightly off, but I still got to say ‘I told you so’.  

Anyway, here’s how it (probably) all went down. After assuring Carolyn that all would be well, I left to do something else, so these are mostly guesses.  It sounded pretty exciting at first and it wasn’t very long until KLINGBERG DID A THING!!!  Scored a goal, probably, but I had to wait for Razor’s commentary to confirm because Carolyn was just yelling his name and “THAT JUST HAPPENED!”  Turns out he did score after all, so I was feeling pretty good about my game predictions.  

Y’know… for like a minute… and then the Jets scored.  Apparently, it was pretty bad because all I heard was “CHRIST, I NEED A DRINK”.  Something like 20 seconds passes and the Jets score again.  Razor calls the Stars’ lead “fugacious”.  [Editor’s Note: Fugacious, adj. tending to disappear; fleeting.]

I hear a bottle open and a shot being poured.  Briefly, I wonder if my gift has failed me.  

It was an eventful period, to be sure, and by the sounds of things, not all the events were good.  At some point, I hear Razor again: “ALL THE THINGS ARE HAPPENING!”  WHAT THINGS?  Apparently… Demers saved a goal?  And there was a penalty of some kind and then we went on the PK and after that Sceviour fixed things by tying the game for us.  See?  I could still be right.

In the second period, we got a goal and the Jets didn’t get any.  I think Hemsky scored because he’s one of Carolyn’s favorites and I heard at least ONE excited sounding “HEMSKYYYYYYYY!”  He also seems to have missed a lot because I also heard several rumblings that sounded more like “Hemsgrrrrrrrrrrrr…..”  as well as more appeals to Christ despite the fact that my roommate is not particularly religious.  Nonetheless, we have reclaimed our lead and the period ends Stars 3 – Jets 2.

During the second intermission, I finally came out to see what was going on because while Carolyn was yelling at the tv, our younger cat came to find me mewing with concern and making her worried face.  You know things are getting serious when a kitten is furrowing its brows at you.  

Thanks to her, I actually know what happens in the third period for real.  Some Jets guy ties the game again.  Asshole.  But then Jamie Benn scores on the power play and wins everything forever.


OMG YAY LOOK AT THE HUGS!!!  I just want all of hockey to be moments like these.  Adorable excitedness and jumping and hugging and Patrick Sharp just being beautiful around other beautiful people.  I will finish this recap and then watch that gif forever.

And this one, too, even it’s not about hockey:

Tyler Seguin gets a penalty and we go on the penalty kill for FOUR MINUTES.  Not gonna lie…. I almost died.  That’s a long time and things were happening that were kind of scary.  We killed it successfully and in a desperate, and might I add foolish, attempt to crush our awesome… the Jets pull their goalie.  Seriously, why would you do this?  We are the Stars!  I tell Carolyn that every Star on the ice will score an empty netter… but only Roussel and Fiddler come through for me. But it’s okay because we win anyway 6-3.  

It should also be noted that after the first two goals Kari was much, much better and Goligoski also did some amazing defending, holding the Jets to three goals while we scored ALL THE EMPTY NETTERS!!!  Or just two.

[Ed. Note: AND TYLER AND JAMIE ARE STILL TIED FOR FIRST IN THE ART ROSS AND ROCKET RICHARD RACE! Because this is technically Roomie’s recap, I will leave you with another Rogelio gif.]

rogelio award matters
source: hendrix-dawkins.tumblr.com

[Ed. Note2: And here is your game chart]

11.12 v WPG Game Chart


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