11.14.15 Stars vs Wild Game Recap (In the Style of Snapchat)

Carolyn and I were both at this game which is why 1) this recap is so damn late and 2) we’ve decided to tell it almost entirely by snaps. Because, you know, snaps are fun and we took them during the game.

AND WHAT A GAME. I didn’t get to watch Thursday night’s tooth grinder, but man this one made me want to throw things at various occasions. (Things that were not my brand new Jamie Benn Art Ross bobblehead.)


But I get ahead of myself. Our seats were pretty decent, so we had a good view of most of the action.


So, you know, this recap gonna be legit. And will sometimes have people’s hands in my way. Life is a trial.


First period


This period was pretty penalty heavy (though it had NOTHING on the Jets/Preds third period last night) but, like, nothing came of any of them. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that while I would never want to rush Jokipakka back to the ice before he’s ready, I’m ready to not have to rely on Oleksiak to do pretty much anything right.

He is, apparently, pretty good at taking penalties.


As he took the first one. But:


So, like, I’m not ready to kick Oleksiak off the team just yet. He’s a useful plug? I guess? Chris Porter is next for hi-sticking Seguin.


I’m not always amazing at getting good information. AND THEN.

Listen it’s the shittiest quality but you get the idea. Do you know how hard it is to figure out how to upload a snapchat video?Anyway! We scored. I was hoping we were still on the power play for some sweet power play points for my various fantasy teams but.


No such luck. Then we have TWO visitors to the box, because the Wild like to trip people and also the refs are silly.

IMG_1330  IMG_1332

I was less than impressed. But not as unimpressed as Carolyn was with both our 4v4 play (look, can we just decline) and the next penalty taken.

IMG_1334 IMG_1335

Listen, we’d both like Oleksiak to play really well. But we’d like him to play really well so he’s better trade bait. We’ve got ulterior motives.

One more penalty in the first:


Jason Zucker for, as the caption says, crosschecking. Also Zucker sounds like a jam to me.

And that’s it, we went into the first intermission 1-0, which is fine. So fine. I’ll take that all day long.

Second period


Someone lit a fire under the Wild in the second, because they definitely came out of the locker room angry that they were down one. Some really good chances straight up front. We made these faces:


And then they actually did score, but Lindy challenged for goalie interference.

HOWEVER, unlike our last challenge, the ref did not agree.


I was less than impressed. This is right around the time that Jamie started to get angry, and you can tell when Jamie gets angry because all of a sudden he’s a wrecking ball on the ice. Unfortunately, he was a wrecking ball on Marco Scandella’s head, and went to the box for an illegal check.

IMG_1341 IMG_1342

I don’t have a lot of snaps from this period because honestly, other than the goal it was kind of boring. You know why? Because the Wild play boring hockey. They suck all the fun out of life.

IMG_1348 IMG_1349

And then, mercifully, the second period was over and we went into second intermission tied 1-1.

Third period


Well almost the first thing that happens is Charlie Coyle goes to the box for hooking.


And Jamie Benn scores on the ensuing power play.

It was a redirected Klingberg slapshot, and I didn’t realize that Jamie had tipped it in at first. WHATEVER my enthusiasm is the same.

Our joy only lasted five minutes though.

IMG_1355 IMG_1356

Roussel, who was having an emotional night anyway and who I really wished had come out roaring and scored a hat trick but did have two blocks in his 14 minutes of ice time, also took a tripping penalty that looked pretty questionable upon the replay.

IMG_1357 IMG_1358

The whole game started getting chippy at this point. Kari covered the puck up at some point and got whacked a few times by the Wild, which then led to some words.


Jason Smuckers got a slashing call on Sceviour who roughed him in return, I guess, because they both ended up in the box.


The last few minutes were pretty harrowing. Lots of back and forth and several really close calls.

IMG_1365 IMG_1366

Listen I’m a recovering Hawks fan, I know what can happen in 17 seconds.

But it doesn’t. Nothing does. Instead.





So we were pretty confident that if we could just get to OT, the fire power we would bring out would blow the pants off anything the Wild could scrape together. And we were right. Kari, after the game, said he felt like he could just sit back with a cigar. The puck made it down the Stars side occasionally, but the Wild didn’t even get a shot off. It was almost sad, except I don’t care about their feelings, so it was really just a big pile of joy that ended with this:





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