Podcast Episode 23 –11.17.15 (The One Where They Fight)

11.18 Standings


In a world where the Stars are 15-4-0, the Ladies must begin complaining about other teams to fill time, end up fighting over the honor of coaches in the playoffs, agreeing loudly about the stupidity of the campaign for bigger nets, and adopt a human kitty as they struggle to say nice things about the East.

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Supplemental Materials

Just to make sure I was fact checking myself, here’s Eichel’s Spider Diagram, from hockeyviz.comspider-1516-buf-eicheja96-shots

As you can see he has gotten about 80 minutes with Ennis, Larsson, and Kane, but only one of those names is both effective AND healthy at the current time. For comparison, Cody Eakin, who is frequently shuffled around the Stars lines, still has 122 minutes thus far with Mattias Janmark, giving him some semblence of stability.

Not mentioned on the podcast because the story went up this morning: HAVE SOME FEELINGS ABOUT GM JIM NILL. If you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed by your Nill love, may I suggest buying his Shirsey?

Per usual, no recap today, but here’s the game chart from Buffalo:

11.17 v BUF Game Chart


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