Individual Offensive Contribution Graphs (Through 11/16)

If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably seen a lot of charts about offense over the last few days. All of these graphs represent a player’s individual offensive contribution to their teams based on two stats.

First, is Individual Corsi For per 60 (iCF/60). This basically tallies all the shots on target, missed shots, and blocked shots a player has taken up until I pulled the data, and then turned it into a rate stat.

The second is Personal Shooting %, often just called Shooting %, which is the number of goals a player has, divided by the number of shots on goal they’ve taken.

The first chart (I’ll use Dallas as an example) shows just this year’s numbers.

11.15 Indiv Offense Contrib - iCF

As you can see, Roussel’s Sh% is really high and likely to come down, especially because his iCF/60 is lower than average. On the other hand, Sharp, Seguin & Spezza have Sh% within a normal range, and have really high iCF/60, so they could probably continue that pace.

Graph two is slightly different.

11.16 - DAL - Change iOffContrib

This shows how the player is doing vs their results over the last 5 years. I’ve excluded rookies because, well, they don’t have any data from the last 5 years. Here we can see Hemsky smack dab at average, indicating he’s doing exactly what he’s always done. Roussel is actually shooting less than he normally does, and both Spezza and Val are shooting a lot more. Klingberg’s shooting % is extremely deflated compared to his normal 5v5 number, which is a scary thought for the rest of the Central Division.

The most important thing to remember is that these graphs only tell you about offense. If you have a player who is sound defensively, but doesn’t take a lot of shots, they won’t look good on these charts.

Under the jump, I have all the teams in alphabetical order by abbreviation.

Anaheim Ducks

11.15 ANA Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - ANA - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Arizona Coyotes

11.15 ARI Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - ARI - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Boston Bruins

11.16 BOS Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - BOS - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Buffalo Sabres

11.16 BUF Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - BUF - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Carolina Hurricanes

11.15 CAR Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - CAR - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Columbus Blue Jackets

11.16 CBJ Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - CBJ - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Calgary Flames

11.16 CGY Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - CGY - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Chicago Blackhawks

11.16 CHI Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - CHI - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Colorado Avalanche

11.16 COL Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - COL - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Dallas Stars

11.15 Indiv Offense Contrib - iCF11.16 - DAL - Change iOffContrib

Detroit Red Wings

11.16 DET Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - DET - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Edmonton Oilers

11.16 EDM Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - EDM - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Florida Panthers

11.16 FLA Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - FLA - Change iOffContrib

Los Angeles Kings

11.16 LA Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - LA - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Minnesota Wild

11.15 MIN Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - MIN - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Montreal Canadiens

11.16 MTL Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - MTL - Change iOffContrib.JPG

New Jersey Devils

11.16 NJ Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - NJ - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Nashville Predators

11.16 NSH Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - NSH - Change iOffContrib.JPG

New York Islanders

11.15 NYI Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - NYI - Change iOffContrib.JPG

New York Rangers

11.15 NYR Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - NYR - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Ottawa Senators

11.16 OTT Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - OTT - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Philadelphia Flyers

11.16 PHI Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - PHI - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Pittsburgh Penguins

11.15 PIT Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - PIT - Change iOffContrib.JPG

San Jose Sharks

11.16 SJ Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - SJ - Change iOffContrib.JPG

St. Louis Blues

11.15 STL Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - STL - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Tampa Bay Lightning

11.16 TB Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - TB - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Toronto Maple Leafs

11.16 TOR Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - TOR - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Vancouver Canucks

11.16 VAN Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - VAN - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Winnipeg Jets

11.16 WPG Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - WPG - Change iOffContrib.JPG

Washington Capitals

11.16 WSH Offensive Contrib.JPG11.16 - WSH - Change iOffContrib.JPG


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