11.19.15 Stars vs Capitals Game Recap (You Want a Milestone? How About You?)




11.19 v WSH Game Chart

First period

Stars v Caps 1st.JPG

Okay so like. The first thing you need to know is that I watched the first period on my cell phone. I have a 6 plus so it’s not as bad as it could have been, but my xbox just WOULD NOT connect to NHL for whatever reason, and my computer is old and sad. So like. I probably missed some things. I guarantee I missed some things.

BUT FIRST THINGS. I’m still salty about Tom Wilson, and I don’t care that it’s been almost a whole season since he launched himself at Cody Eakin and didn’t get a penalty called for it. WHATEVA.

My salt is eternal.

I can’t remember why I was yawning on my graph, but the notes on my computer contain a rhyme I don’t remember making that may shed some light: “i’m not saying this is boring, but i’m saying, i want some scoring.”

I know, I’m kind of embarrassed. BUT HEY WE GOT SOME SCORING??

Tyler Seguin scores of a BEAUTIFUL pass from Klingberg. We weren’t watching together but I’m pretty sure Carolyn cried. The secondary assist was Jamie Benn, so I also cried.

Of course, we all hold our breath and our excitement, because Trotz decides to challenge the goal for goalie interference.

But nah, son. Right before this gif loops you can kinda see Grubauer about to throw his head back (which he did to try to sell the interference call) but all it did was cost the Caps their time out. Sooo that didn’t work for you, bud.



Good goal!

The next highest trio has 6. We’re #1. In many ways.

Backstrom (who is not #1) takes a seat for hooking Klingberg. Or, as Razor said:


Please ignore my typo I was laughing. I stopped laughing (see what I did there) at our power play, which was PATHETIC tonight. Like, I fully understand scoring on less than half of your power plays is pretty normal in this league. I also understand that our power play is generally pretty good. But in four minutes of power play time tonight (the other two are coming later) we had one shot on goal. ONE. SHOT. ON. GOAL. So like. It wasn’t very exciting.

And then. Then.

Jordie scored. For the Caps.

LISTEN. IF YOU’VE HEARD OF A MORE UNLUCKY DEFENSEMAN IN THIS DAMN LEAGUE I’M VERY INTERESTED IN COMMISERATING WITH THAT POOR SOUL. I had to mute Jordie’s name on twitter for a while because even the people who were just teasing with LOVE were starting to get me.


It hits Jordie in what is either his shoulder or his elbow (honestly I don’t want to look that closely at the game tape, it makes me too sad) and then bounces in. Sigh. I hope you don’t need me to point this out still, but I’m going to anyway. If Jordie isn’t there, Ovechkin has a wide open angle to the net, and we’re still yelling at Jordie for not being in position. Jordie’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing here, he’s keeping ALEX O-FREAKIN-VECHKIN from the net. Bad bounces just happen. This one just happened to tie the game.

Poor Jordie.

On to intermission!!


Second period

Stars v Caps 2nd

Dave and Ralph talked a bit about Jordie’s TERRIBLE luck to start this period, so I had to think about that tying goal again. Which, you know. WHO WANTS IT. There was a scrum in front of the net where Wilson comes FLYING IN to rough up Roussel who was already in the middle of it with Michael Latta. So. You know. 2 on 1 seems fair, eh? Wilson ends up in the box.

Terrible power play ensues, but we’ve already yelled about that.

But like, this whole period was TERRIBLE. This whole period was a lot of REALLY CLOSE CALLS for Kari. Which is CRAZY because our possession stayed pretty even with the Caps’ throughout. But seriously, Kari made some ridiculous saves and one, in particular, where Ovi was so sure he’d scored that he threw his arms in the air while the puck rolled past him, clearly not in the net.

And I ask you, would this have happened last season? Last season I feel like we end that period down at least 3. (And then we head into the third where we crumple like . . . something that crumples.) Doesn’t matter, in the end, because last year’s Kari is dead, I killed him. LONG LIVE THIS YEAR’S KARI.


Almost the very last thing that happened this period was an absolutely beautiful pass from Jordie to Jamie that IF IT HAD ENDED IN A GOAL would have resulted in my death. Probably. From sheer brilliance. Sadly, it did not, because Jamie wasn’t allowed to have nice things tonight. (Except for the win. Oh, and the secondary assist.)


ETA: I have a gif of this now (and I have him incorrectly labeled as Eaves on my graph), but Eakin took a dive into the bench to avoid a too many men penalty, and I laughed quite a bit about it. The ever diligent and kind @myregularface provided this gif:


Third period

Stars v Caps 3rd

Like twenty seconds into the third Jamie Benn tried to give the Caps the go ahead goal. He’s a really caring, giving individual. Wants to make everyone feel special. DID A NO LOOK BACKHAND PASS IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS OWN ZONE WHILE CAPS PLAYERS WERE BEARING DOWN ON HIM SEEM LIKE A GOOD IDEA? Thank goodness Kari was still on his game after the second.

How about we not, Jam.

But then GinJa scores to give US the go ahead, and whatever that’s cool.

I honestly can’t tell from this angle where he hit it, but it was off of Klingberg’s monstrous shot and that’s all I need, really. All the points for Klingberg.

And then. Then.

Like, I know I should be happy for the game of hockey when milestones happen. If Connor McDavid turns out to be anything even approaching the hype, at least the Stars will always be a footnote in his history, right? (I’m making faces as I type this, don’t worry.)

And now, until another Russian passes Ovi, we helped Alexander Ovechkin become the highest scoring Russian in the NHL.

As you can see, I’m very happy for him.

Congratulations to Ovechkin, in all seriousness. It’s a very impressive thing to have done.


Spezza scores with 9 minutes left to go in the period.

On a HORRIBLE turnover from . . . who is that, Chimera? So this time the horrible turnover happened in our favor, which is always nice.

For us.

The last nine minutes just, well. Happened. We maybe touched the puck 6 times, and I can only guarantee that because we had 6 corsi events leading by 1. I’m not sure we touched it AT ALL in the last three minutes of play. But it DIDN’T MATTER BECAUSE DESPITE ALEX OVECHKIN’S 48TH CAREER GOAL WE WON THE GAME.

And that’s what I’m going to choose to remember.







3 thoughts on “11.19.15 Stars vs Capitals Game Recap (You Want a Milestone? How About You?)

    • Well, we found out today the Stars canceled practice because a lot of their guys were sick. Was probably a factor on our end. But yeah, soooo boring in parts.


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