11.27.15 Stars v Canucks Game Recap (So Many Penalties)

Happy Brunch Time Stars fans! I hope you’re having a wonderful *checks calendar* Small Business Saturday? Idk.

WE ARE NOW AT 18 WINS ON THE SEASON!!!!!! Can you believe it? I can’t believe it. It feels too good to be true. We’re also now 5-0 on the game after a loss. Seguin mentioned that it was important to the team this year to be bouncing back from those bad games, and while I wouldn’t call last night’s game a particularly good game, they didn’t lose!

Dallas is currently second in the league, with a game in hand on the Montreal Canadiens. But today, I’m talking about a different Canadian team, so let’s get right to brass tacks. Per usual, all numbers are 5v5, and score adjusted, from war-on-ice.com, unless otherwise stated.

The Good

Like I said, it wasn’t a particularly good game. But Niemi was FANTASTIC. The Canucks only scored one goal during 5v5 play, even though they had TWENTY-SEVEN SHOTS. And that’s shots. That’s not Corsi, or scoring chances or anything. 27 shots on goal in only 43.4 minutes of the entire game. That’s a 96.3% 5v5 Save Percent for this game.

  • Side Note: How nice is it to not worry so much about Kari being out? My friend saw Jack Campbell at AAC during warmups and sent me a panicked text. It’s cool, Nemo’s got this y’all.
  • Side Note 2: Given how good he was, it was kind of fitting that this was the first shootout of the year for the Stars. Niemi did a great job blanking ALL THREE CANUCKS. That’s right, NONE of their shooters scored. How sweet a feeling that is.

GODDAMN our Power Play is sweet. There were 17 minutes of special teams time in that game, yet Dallas only really had two power plays (and a little extra time post 4-on-4 play. This game was wacky), and we scored on BOTH.

  • Side Note: This is not entirely true, as we did have a power play during OT, where the Stars went 4-on-3 against the Canucks. That was insane, but we didn’t score because Ryan Miller was outstanding as well. This was definitely a battle of the goaltenders.
  • Side Note 2: Ok guys, I guess you earned this

11.28 Stars PP% bling


The Más o Menos

*Breathes into a paper bag* All reffing regresses to a mean. All reffing regresses to a mean. All reffing regresses to a mean. ALL REFFING REGRESSES TO A MEAN.

Man, the Stars got called for some BS last night, including an Interference call on Sceviour that was anything but. BUT IT WAS FINE, because on their 7 power plays (one penalty was a double minor for high sticking, which was actually legit), the Canucks only cashed in once. Unfortunately it was late in the game, but hey, good practice for the team.

  • Side Note: The Stars are one of the least penalized teams in hockey, because they play relatively clean, but they also draw the least amount of calls, in large part because they don’t go down (insert bunchmox joke here). It’s pretty frustrating to see all these kinds of “interference” calls against our team when you know it wouldn’t go the other way.


The Bad

11.27 v VAN Game Chart

Holy shots against, boys. I mean they called the game against Ottawa “last year’s hockey” but honestly, this was another game deserving of the label.

  • Side Note: The most pathetic stat of the night? The Sedin Line didn’t even play against Benn-Seguin-Sharp. You know who did? BRANDON PRUST AND DEREK DORSETT. Christ. Get yourselves together.

This game went to a shootout, which is probably the ending it deserved, but here’s some advice for you Lindy – Just don’t put Jamie in the shootout next time. He’s not very good at it. He possesses many fine hockey qualities, this is not one.

  • Side Note: I looked up some stats (of course I did). Of skaters with 10 or more attempts in the shootout, Seguin is 11th best in the NHL in the shootout. Jamie, on the other hand, ranks 118th.


Goals on Goals





2 thoughts on “11.27.15 Stars v Canucks Game Recap (So Many Penalties)

  1. Thank you for your constant parade of insights.

    Do you have any league wide stats on the relative success (win percentage) of instances of 4 on 3 powerplays in overtime as compared to straight 3 on 3 throughout the entire overtime?

    It would be common wisdom that having a 4 on 3 for at least 40% of the OT would be a good thing (a very good thing).

    However, starting with a Bruins/Rangers preseason game, where Bruins took a penalty that completely slowed down/stifled overtime, I have observed a limited-sample-size eye-test that makes me think that against a team like Dallas (perfectly designed for 3 on 3 with three elite players, multiple stellar three player squads, and top to bottom superior speed), a team with a lower top-end ceiling, should take a penalty, play the triangle zone, pray the clock runs out, and hope for a coin toss – I mean shootout.

    What do the numbers say?


    • Hi Andrew!

      I hate to say it, but I haven’t seen those stats anywhere. I think, as we get a larger and larger sample, we’ll find that yes, 4 on 3 power plays are effective, but yeah…I’ve not seen them work very well either. How weird!



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