Podcast Episode 24 –12.1.15 (The One With Facetiming)

In this shenanigans-filled episode, the Ladies love Jason Demers, say nice things about Brad Marchand (no, we’re not kidding), make a lot of boys cry, Carolyn goes off about the DoPS and Merrin finally admits her secret shame. Remember, everyone loves a good jazz square.

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Supplemental Materials (and there is a lot today)

We promised crying boys so here is precious goalie Garret Sparks:


Not enough for you? Click here for an emotional Ryan Suter.

Cheer up, you’re a Hufflepuff.

Here is a link to every calendar we rated:

28 pts – Dallas Stars
18.5 pts – Pittsburgh Penguins
9 pts – Washington Capitals
5 pts – Boston Bruins, Winnipeg Jets, Detroit Red Wings
-1 pts – LA Kings
-50 pts – Anaheim Ducks

And finally, the game chart from last night’s disaster against Calgary:

12.1 v CGY Game Chart


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