12.3.15 Stars v Canucks Game Recap (The Supplemental One)

Happy 20th win my friends! Today’s recap is going to be a little different, because Merrin, in a supreme effort of self-sacrifice, nobly volunteered to write the recap over at Defending Big D in lieu of Erin. Why? Because Erin has a track record of losses when she is on game-day duty, and after Calgary, no one needed that.

You should go read that recap! It’s great!

But there are a few things you can’t add to an “official” recap on SB Nation, so I thought I’d make sure none of the important stuff falls through the cracks. Like glitter.

12.3 League Standings.gif

And charts

12.3 v VAN Game Chart.JPG

And so many goals

And of course, Razorisms (and boy, was he on last night)




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