12.4.15 Stars vs Oilers Game Recap (Travis . . . Mo . . Moen? You Said?)

If you’d told me that the only emotion I’d feel watching the Oilers play the Stars was an overwhelming urge to take a nap, well. I probably wouldn’t have believed you. I don’t nap at 8:30 on Friday nights. (I’m lying, I totally would. I would nap any time. I live the life of the perpetually sleep deprived.)

But like. Seriously y’all. Some baffling choices made going into this game. Eaves out, Moen in. (Moen? Do we have someone on the roster named Moen?)

Oleksiak and Nemeth in, even though their read on the ice remained . . . kinda shaky last game. We need at least one of them in for Jason Demers, but Jokipakka stayed in the press box again and I’m not entirely sure he deserved that. Although if this is just Jim Nill showcasing Oleksiak and/or Nemeth for trade bait, I’ll take it.

And that’s it. Those were the weird roster decisions. Lines looked the same as the blender setting from last game, with the aforementioned exception of the Moen/Eaves switch. Which actually meant that Hemsky moved up to the second line, so lines were not actually the same. So many names already in this recap.


First period

Stars v Oilers 1st

I’m sorry this graph is so boring. It reflects the game I watched, to be quite honest.

So like. Remember those games last year (I hate saying this) where the Stars had all the possession and all the shots and just . . . couldn’t make anything work? Yeah. That was this period. The Stars 14 shots on goal to the Oilers 8. Stars had 65%CF just in the first.

But like. Nothing. Not a damn thing.

There was a lot of back and forth and back and forth and baaaack and fooooooorth and it was kind of like watching the pendulum on a clock and my eyes started feeling very droopy. There was a chance I was going to come out of this game hypnotized into thinking Gene Principe’s puns are funny. (God help us all.)

There’s one reason the Stars weren’t up 4-1 in the first, and that reason is Anders Nilsson, who absolutely ROBBED Tyler, Jamie, Spezza, Sharp . . . all the Stars heavy hitters. This from a guy who I’m pretty sure was meant to be the backup to Cam Talbot. I mean, neither one of them has won even half their games so far this season, but you really wouldn’t know it watching Nilsson last night.

Anyway. Three penalties taken this period, two for Dallas (that new guy Moen and tiny precious Janmark), one for Edmonton (Nurse), and no one capitalized on anything.

So who did score? TAAAAAAAYLOR HAAAAALLLLLLLLL and I will rake in those fantasy points for . . . well at least one of my teams. I know I have him on my ~fantasy roster.

What happened here is that Jordie Benn cleared the puck but some tiny baby rookie caught it in the neutral zone and got it in to Taylor Hall, who proceeded to absolutely embarrass Nemeth in front of the net. Like Hall literally skates right through him. I can’t even be mad about it, I only want good things for Taylor Hall. Good things like an escape from Edmonton, someone please rescue him.

Anyway. Other than a bunch of tired men skating around in circles, that goal is pretty much all that happened in the first.


Second period

Stars v Oilers 2nd

In the second period I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could graphically render how bored I was. A graph of the flat line my heartbeat was making was considered, as well as pictures of me staring at a piece of toast.

I don’t have bread, so here’s a pic of a plate that would hold bread if I had some.

empty plate

Also here’s a pic of the mistletoe that my roommate hung in our apartment. Our apartment that has two single ladies in it.


There were two penalties this period too, one to Nemeth and one to Hendricks. Not only did we not score, but we looked really struggle bus on the power play.

Like, I’m not sure that I can really convey how frustrating this game was. Like the slow burning frustration of an itchy tag next to your skin when you’ve got to stand perfectly still for some reason. That’s this game. Breakaway for Jamie, nothing. Breakaway for Tyler, nothing. And this happened ALL. DAMN. GAME.

Between them, Jamie and Tyler had 12 shots on goal. TWELVE SHOTS. And you know who finally scored?

Mattias Janmark. Because why not, right?

This goal was one of those kind of rare times when a faceoff win made all the difference. Fiddler won the draw and immediately threw the puck on net, potentially hoping to catch Nilsson off guard (which obviously proved difficult). Janmark was in perfect position to clean up right in front of the net and beat Nilsson stick side.

And now it’s tied.


Third period

Idk it was dumb and I don’t have a graph, look at this picture of some Christmas balls in a birdcage instead.


Fly, you fools!

fly you fools.JPG



Well. The Oilers took two penalties, the Stars had 65%CF and 9 shots on goal to the Oilers 4 (that number seems low but that’s what war on ice says).


BUT NOTHING HAPPENED. I mean. Skating. Skating happened. Endurance happened. Jordan Eberle looking absolutely terrible happened. He had a breakaway 2 on 1 against . . . frick I can’t remember who. And like. Nothing. He started with some fancy stickhandling and some dekes and just. lost it. It was weird.

You know what didn’t happen? The Stars didn’t score, not with four minutes of man advantage and not in any of the remaining even strength time. SO THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

But whatever. OT, eh?



Jordan Eberle, despite his earlier trouble, scored 45 seconds in. He was very happy.

Let’s cut to a live look at Merrin.









2 thoughts on “12.4.15 Stars vs Oilers Game Recap (Travis . . . Mo . . Moen? You Said?)

  1. I hear you about taking a nap. I went to bed right as the game finished. Stupid boring game knocked me out.

    Also, what’s with Klingberg lately? Both his puck skills and decision making are relatively poor. I find myself yelling “Why, Klingberg?” at the TV.


    • He made some boneheaded mistakes last year, I think it’s highlighted this year by the weight of expectation. But he’s still doing more good things than bad things right now.


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