12.11.15 Stars v Flyers Game Recap (Everyone Hates Philly)


I have a confession to make. I only half-watched this game. See, my friend graduated today, so we had plans to go out which means I was over at my non-hockey-watching friend’s house during the game. This friend a) hates it when I yell at sports and b) has a dog that hates it when I yell at sports, so it was kind of difficult to watch the FLYERS play the Stars.

Like honestly, they get under my skin. I really dislike the Flyers. I hate the color orange (it looks terrible on me, so I’ve never liked it). I don’t like that they play hitting hockey. I don’t like that they’ll scrap over everything. I JUST DON’T LIKE THEM.

Anyway, per usual, all numbers from war-on-ice.com and are 5v5 and score adjusted unless otherwise stated.

The Good

Antti Niemi, y’all. Man, having a reliable second goalie is something, isn’t it?

  • Side Note: Neuvirth also looked fantastic last night, except that I hated it. I HATE EVERYTHING YOU CHOOSE TO BE, PHILLY.
  • Side Note 2: When my roomie found out that we call Lehtonen & Niemi the two headed goalie monster, she linked me to this song. My love is a monster with two heads.


12.11 v PHI Game Chart

What a difference having Demers back in the lineup makes. I can’t actually say if it was Demers himself, or just knowing that they got the win over Carolina despite themselves, but this game was tighter defensively than we’ve seen in a while.

  • Side Note: Even though they had a high-flying first period, the Stars actually locked it down, allowing just 20.7 Scoring Chances Against per 60. The average this season in the NHL is 25.3.


That Janmark Kid got another goal last night, tying things up for the Stars and really turning the tide of the game. I love watching this guy play. Very smart, obviously clicking well with Spezza, sound defensively, good hands. Just all around, an excellent hockey player.

  • Side Note: All of the young guys have been really showing what they’re made of this season, which is just electric to watch. Love seeing Nichushkin coming into his own.


During the first intermission, my hockey-hating friend made me watch this and I died laughing


The Más o Menos

Y’all, I am OLD. Ok, so we went out to this bar, and I’ve never really liked this particular bar because my scene is a bit more laid back or divey, (or if we’re being really real, sports bars), and I was just looking around and my only thoughts were as follows:

  • “I’m so old”
  • “Why is everyone so fresh faced and happy?”
  • “Ugh my feet hurt”
  • “I want a taco”
  • “I need a taco”


The Bad

Our power play went 0/6 last night, which is going to be a point of contention with the coaching staff tonight, I’m sure. Over the last few games, special teams really seemed to be sputtering, which is never a good sign. If you can’t score on the power play, it makes winning really difficult.


Goals on Goals









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