Podcast Episode 25 – 12.15.15 (The One in a Galaxy Far Far Away)

In this episode, ALL THE THINGS ARE HAPPENING but not to the Stars, who keep rolling along. The Ladies worry about the Central, prove they can still pass 5th grade geography, hop aboard the Millennium Falcon, and wish all of you Happy Holidays!

It’s also available on iTunes. Please rate & review if you have a second!

Supplemental Materials

You should follow Lexi LaFleur Brown. She’s adorable and hilarious.

This is some heavy reading, but here is the Patrick O’Sullivan Players Tribune Article. If you want to read more, you can grab his book on amazon.

If you need a pick me up after that article, here is Miss Teen South Carolina on education and geography.


Or try this one, where the Buzz Feed Try Guys try on extreme swimsuits. Sorta Not Safe For Work.


Are you Team Jonathan or Team Drew?


And finally, the game chart!

12.15 v CBJ Game Chart

Happy Holidays every body!



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