12.19.15 Stars vs Canadiens (Wins Lift Us Up Where We Belong)

Well first you should know.


That got away from me.

Carolyn is on vacation, so I don’t know if we’re going to get the accustomed chart, but the possession was actually . . . . pretty equal? Listen, they spent maybe five minutes total in 5v5 (not actually but man there were 14 penalties so it kinda feels that way) so there wasn’t a lot to count.

First period

Stars v Habs 1st.jpg

So the first thing that happens is Jason Spezza steals the puck from . . . some hapless Hab (who’s number 77? GILBERT) like all the way down in our zone, carries it all the way through the neutral zone, fakes a slap shot, and then when Condon bites on that, scores on the follow up. Seriously, it was beautiful.

Hemsky blew hard into the boards pretty hard and went down the tunnel, but he came back out shortly after, so is probably okay? He played the rest of the game.

There were also three penalties this period but since there were FOURTEEN of them in the game and no one scored on these, ehhhhh.

Second period

Stars v Habs 2nd

Okay so like. There were five goals (sort of) and eight penalties in the second period. Buckle up, friends.

Jamie clears the puck out of our end, throws a long saucer to Sharp streaking up the middle, but doesn’t quite get connect. Seguin chases the puck down in the offensive end, throws a shot on goal, hits Petry in front of the net. It bounces out right in front and . . . no Hab goes after it for whatever reason. And Jamie’s there to pick it up and get it right past Condon, helpfully screened by two of his own teammates.

McCarron closes his hand over the puck and on the ensuing power play, Klingberg has a nifty move in the neutral zone to get the puck to Spezza, Spezza passes to Seguin, Seguin put the puck right on Sharp’s stick right in front of the net and now it’s 3-0.

Markov gets a delay of game but nothing happens there. Demers gets a call for holding because Galchenyuk checks him against the boards? It was weird. And only truly significant because the Habs scored on the ensuing power play.

Jordie Benn got blocked by his own goalie to check to check Carr and honestly, Niemi should have kept his skate on the post. Carr should not have had the space available to shovel that in behind, it’s just poor positioning on Niemi’s part.

Beaulieu gets called for interference. Janmark scores on the power play but Jason Demers gets called for goalie interference, which unfortunately makes the play unreviewable. Which is honestly a rule I don’t particularly understand. You can review for interference when it ISN’T called, but not when it is? We lost a goal because someone on the Habs (can’t remember who but it doesn’t matter) pushed Jason Demers into Condon while Janmark was scoring. We won 6-2 and this wasn’t even gonna be the go ahead goal, but it’s still pretty annoying.

Ruffles wasn’t happy either.

HOWEVER. On the ensuing 4v4, in a scramble in front of the Habs net, Jamie literally smears Petry along the boards (he left the game after this) and basically creates a 4 on 3 for the Stars. Tyler Seguin scores in the frenzy.

There was some discussion about Jamie’s hit on twitter, but it wasn’t late or illegal or blindside. Sometimes legal hits result in injuries. Sucks but that’s the game. I hope Petry’s okay. :/

Goligoski gets called for interference, McCarron gets called for roughing, and PK Subban gets the second delay of game for the Habs in the second period.


Third period

Stars v Habs 3rd.jpg

PK Subban is still in the box to start the third, and then Gilbert (he did not have a good game, yikes) cross checks Jamie in the face. On the enuing 5 on 3, Spezza takes a slapshot that breaks his stick and Jamie cleans up the rebound in front of the net.

Subban takes ANOTHER delay of game penalty (you okay, boo?) but instead of a power play goal for us the Habs score shorthanded. Cody Eakin was trying to get the puck out to Goligoski on the point, but it bounced weirdly, Goligoski TOTALLY failed to get it, and instead Brian “In Like” Flynn passed it to Paul Byron who ended up with a 1 on 0 with Niemi. Of course he scores.

However, in the dying seconds of the penalty, Fiddler digs the puck out behind the net and gets it to Eaves, who had just planted himself right in front of Condon. Condon goes one side, totally misjudges, Eaves shovels it in on the other side.

I don’t necessarily understand why this worked? Where were the Habs that didn’t follow Fiddler behind the net, and why was Condon so slow to react? Your guess is as good as mine, but Therrien pulled Condon after this. Janmark gets called for high sticking, Tokarski faces four shots on goal, and STARS WIIIIIIN 6-2.

Who says scoring is down?



(Is anyone counting the Capitals? No? Good.)





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