12.27.15 Stars vs Blues (All We All We All We Do Is Win)

I’m gonna talk about this shutout in a minute, I swear. FIRST, though, I’m going to talk about Christmas week, and the fact that we played four games in back-to-back pairings against three Central Division teams currently in playoff positions. One of them won the Stanley Cup last spring, one of them won the Division last season, and one of them has a goalie I kind of like.

We got 7 out of 8 points this week. The game we lost? We lost by one point. The three games we won? We won by at least 3 goals each time, and the two second halves of each back-to-back were shutouts.

Tell me again we aren’t ready for a playoff series against the Central Division. TELL ME.

In other news, Kari Lehtonen gets a shutout for the first time this season, while at home, where his record hasn’t been as good as it is on the road. His Sv% at home has been .883 over 7 games with 5 wins. His Sv% on the road is .928 over 7 games with 7 wins. On both counts, I dropped two games where he played under 8 minutes (one of those road games was the one in Minnesota before Christmas) but they’re statistical outliers and shouldn’t be counted.

First period

I’ll be honest, I didn’t get to see the first period because I was dropping a friend off at the airport and then driving home in a thunder hailstorm. It was wild. So here’s what happened according to twitter (and a little bit what I heard on the radio over the sound of hail peppering my windshield).

This doesn’t sound like something that’s going to bite us in the ass. Not at all.

I don’t know why, or how, but that’s kinda funny, right?

4-5 times a season reminder that kinda hate the Blues. Also I was sad for Bortuzzo when he left the Penguins because he seemed sad about it, but now I don’t care. He’s gone full Blue now.

Also during this period but in another game, the San Antonio Rampage mascot (a bull named T-Bone) taunted the Texas Stars during the teddy bear toss. Travis Morin was not amused.



Second period

So the first thing that happens in this period is two fights. Literally, first thing happens. Off the opening face off, Roussel and former Blackhawk Troy Brouwer go around. Because, for some reason, everyone wants to punch Antoine Roussel.

It’s not up on hockeyfights yet, but I’m calling it for Rous.

Then some rando fan named Travis Moen (???? he had a custom made jersey and everything) rushed the ice on the second face off of the period to fight Bortuzzo. If you watch the video, what’s interesting about this one is that Ryan Reaves was trying to engage Moen as his dance partner, but Moen skated right around him and went for Bortuzzo. (You know, the on that butt ended the captain.)

Here’s a gif of the selection process if you don’t want to watch the actual fight.

Bortuzzo isn’t much of a fighter. I’m calling it for rando fan.

Reaves got around a lot this game, actually.

With nine minutes left to go in the second I took a look at our stats versus the Blues so far in the game.



Considering our total scoring chances against the Blues last night was 19, having 24 midway through the second is a VAST improvement over JUST LAST NIGHT. And honestly, that’s the thing about this year’s Stars vs last years Stars. WE LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES. (I’m using the royal we here, since obviously no one on the Stars asked me how to go about this game tonight.)

Anyway, the next thing that happened is Ales Hemsky getting ROBBED by Elliott.


And there were no tacos in Dallas tonight. But it’s all gonna be so fine.


Third period

In the third period we talked about International House Hunters vs Tiny House Hunters and which one has the worst couples on it. My vote is for the ugly Americans looking for rustic charm that’s been recently updated/renovated in downtown Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower and at least two bathrooms and wood floors, all for under $1000 a month. Oh and don’t forget a dishwasher, a full fridge, and an open concept layout.

You can still vote.

But an update on the actual game that was played:

And also, 40 seconds into the period, Jamie Benn scores right in front of the net off a pass from Patrick Sharp. It was actually his first shot on goal, though he’d had quite a few misses, the frustration of which led to him breaking his stick across his knee at some point.

But whatever he scored, so let’s look at that gif.

Everything was just perfect.

Some more hockey is played, things are pretty chippy, which is no less than expected when the Blues and the Stars play. Two penalties are called on the Stars, a Jason Demers tripping call (which okay, fine) and a Tyler Seguin kneeing call that was actually bullshit. Watch the replay, it was absolute bullshit.

Shout out to Antoine “America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman” Roussel for playing keep away BY HIMSELF in the Blues zone for the final thirty seconds of the Seguin penalty, it was really pretty amazing. He even had a shot on goal and cleaned up his own rebound.

With about two minutes left to go, the Blues pull their goalie. I was hoping they’d get to this point last night so we could get the inevitable empty netter, but instead they tied it without having to pull Allen. Cody Eakin gets another of his quite frankly BIZARRE hook shot empty netters.

And that’s the game.





Game Chart

12.27 v STL Game Chart


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