Podcast: The One With the Phantom Train

The Ladies nominate Pat Maroon for the Masterton, are haunted by a phantom train, get confused by the number of people named Bill in the world, talk playoff seeding, Val’s frustration, and whether old men live in trees. Remember: Podcasts are a social construct.

Supplemental materials:

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is the interview Val Nichushkin did with Russian news site Sport Express. As previously discussed, it’s entirely in Russian, but if you use Chrome (or Firefox, I think?) you should be able to translate.

This is Lindy Ruff’s reaction to the interview:

And this is the link where his agent responds.

In case you missed the list of NHL team names reimagined by a 5th grader who hates them:

And finally, this question came in too late for the last podcast and in the two weeks since we simply forgot to answer it, but here it is in the post:

Andrew asks: Podcast question: will Jagr retire from hockey as a Las Vegas Black Knight?

C: It’s possible, as he does seem to prefer warmer climes

M: What she said.



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