About Our Name

So we’ve changed our name.

It was brought to our attention last summer that the phrase “bearded lady” has been used as a transphobic slur. At the time, we addressed the person bringing this to our attention by explaining our intentions and what the name meant to us.

To be very clear: this is not how we should have addressed this.

We went on to respond this way to additional people who brought this to our attention.

Yesterday, Andrew Shaw responded to a late penalty call by calling the referee a homophobic slur. In condemning these actions on twitter, it was again brought to our attention that our username has also been used as a slur and we realized we had been part of the problem.

In continuing to use the name, we’d ignored people telling us this name was hurtful. We’d been hypocrites. We’d been part of the majority making hockey fandom an unsafe place for an already incredibly persecuted group.

Please accept our apology. To those we hurt and those we ignored. We promise to be better listeners in the future.

Merrin & Carolyn


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