2015-16 Rainbow Chart Masterpost (M-W)

Ok guys, get ready for an absolute crap-ton of charts coming your way. This isn’t an explainer, merely just a data dump.

The best way to find your team is to hit Ctrl+F and use the team name. Otherwise, everyone’s in alphabetical order.

Feel free to save and use. Consider this blanket permission to use in blogs or other posts as long as it links back to here or my twitter, @Classlicity.

Click this link for Part 1: A-L 

Minnesota Wild

2015-16 Cap% by Line - MIN.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - MIN.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - MIN.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - MIN.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - MIN.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - MIN.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - MIN.png

Montreal Canadiens

2015-16 Cap% by Line - MTL.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - MTL.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - MTL.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - MTL.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - MTL.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - MTL.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - MTL.png

Nashville Predators

2015-16 Cap% by Line - NSH.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - NSH.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - NSH.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - NSH.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - NSH.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - NSH.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - NSH.png

New Jersey Devils

2015-16 Cap% by Line - NJ.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - NJ.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - NJ.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - NJ.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - NJ.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - NJ.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - NJ.png

New York Islanders

2015-16 Cap% by Line - NYI.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - NYI.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - NYI.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - NYI.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - NYI.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - NYI.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - NYI.png

New York Rangers

2015-16 Cap% by Line - NYR.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - NYR.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - NYR.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - NYR.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - NYR.png

Ottawa Senators

2015-16 Cap% by Line - OTT.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - OTT.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - OTT.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - OTT.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - OTT.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - OTT.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - OTT.png

Philadelphia Flyers

2015-16 Cap% by Line - PHI.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - PHI.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - PHI.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - PHI.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - PHI.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - PHI.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - PHI.png

Pittsburgh Penguins

2015-16 Cap% by Line - PIT.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - PIT.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - PIT.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - PIT.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - PIT.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - PIT.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - PIT.png

San Jose Sharks

2015-16 Cap% by Line - SJS.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - SJ.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - SJ.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - SJ.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - SJ.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - SJ.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - SJ.png

St. Louis Blues

2015-16 Cap% by Line - STL.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - STL.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - STL.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - STL.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - STL.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - STL.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - STL.png

Tampa Bay Lightning

2015-16 Cap% by Line - TB.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - TB.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - TB.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - TB.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - TB.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - TB.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - TB.png

Toronto Maple Leafs

2015-16 Cap% by Line - TOR.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - TOR.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - TOR.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - TOR.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - TOR.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - TOR.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - TOR.png

Vancouver Canucks

2015-16 Cap% by Line - VAN.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - VAN.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - VAN.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - VAN.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - VAN.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - VAN.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - VAN.png

Washington Capitals

2015-16 Cap% by Line - WSH.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - WSH.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - WSH.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - WSH.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - WSH.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - WSH.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - WSH.png

Winnipeg Jets

2015-16 Cap% by Line - WPG.png2015-16 PP60 by Line - WPG.png2015-16 Fwd Efficiency - WPG.png2015-16 Use Results by Line - WPG.png2015-16 5v5 Usage by Line - WPG.png2015-16 Use Results by Pair - WPG.png2015-16 5v5 Use Results by Pair - WPG.png



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