2.11.19 Across The Pond Mailbag

As you may have heard, Merrin was away this weekend in Jolly Old England! Of course, this meant we couldn’t record our podcast, but we didn’t want to leave you hanging — we knew you had some burning questions for us to answer!


Drivingrl Asks:

*pretending the Oleksiak trade didn’t happen*
What’s the best English biscuit? My vote is for dark chocolate Chocolate McVittie’s Digestives.


M: I honestly don’t have a ton of experience with English biscuits? I know I’m in England right at this very moment, but my sister has a sugar sensitivity and doesn’t eat much of it so she doesn’t keep biscuits around. That said, I can pound an entire box of the Walker’s shortbread cookies and I think those are Scottish.

C: I refuse to enjoy English biscuits on the grounds that it’s real biscuit erasure.


Andrew ‘too cool for cali’ L-A ask:

Please revisit all previous casting/baked goods/show tunes questions for Andrew Cogliano.


C: ALL previous casting/baked goods/show tunes questions???? You know we’ve been doing this for FOUR YEARS right? I don’t even remember all those questions.

That said, I feel strongly that Cogs would be a cheddar biscuit.

M: If I were sorting him into a Hogwarts house I’d put him in Gryffindor. If I were casting him in Hamilton, he’d be Ben Franklin. Old, mentioned once, never seen onstage.


Be My Shannytine asks:

1) Do you think Nill will go for a blockbuster trade at the deadline, a smaller trade, or no trade?

2) Which Stars player would you cuddle & binge true crime docs (or show of your choice) with during this polar vortex?


C: To answer the second question first, I  don’t know if there is a blockbuster trade to be made at the deadline this year. If anything, the two “biggest” rental names would be Matt Duchene and Mark Stone. Duchene seems like he’ll potentially get re-signed, but even if he doesn’t I don’t know if Nill would go for him. Stone is likely gone, and I’d love to see him in victory green, but he’s still a winger, and while he would address some of our scoring needs right now, that 2C spot will remain a weakness going into next year.

That said, I do think they’re a lot more comfortable parting with their 1st this season, since the Draft won’t be in Dallas this year.

M: I don’t have an answer that you haven’t covered.

C: as for cuddling… It’s gotta be Jamie, right? Like he earned his nickname.

M: you’ll cuddle with Jamie over my dead body.


Captain Celery asks:

If you could pick any random country in the world for the Stars’ next franchise player to come from, where and why? I’d pick Scotland because I am Scottish and I’d love to see the shit puns NHLdotcom would come up with.


C: oooh, I’d also love to see the “chirps” a Scottish NHL player would come up with. But I’d love to see a Mexican (or Mexican-American) player in Texas.

M: I’d also pick Scotland for the accent and the chirps, but agree that a Mexican player would be baller.


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