As Seen On Twitter

If you’re a super observant little peanut, you’ve already noticed the new store link in our sidebar, but we are PLEASED AS PUNCH to announce the opening of the 2BL store!

Carolyn and I have been stockpiling tshirt ideas almost since day one. My favorite of the early ones is “Girls don’t like boys, girls like CORSI FOR%.” We also had a KILLER idea for an Eddie Lack shirsey but alas, some things are not meant to be.

Anyway, ideas were had, talked about on twitter, and then bemoaned by our friends for not actually being available yet. Enter design artist Niko Prytula, who agreed to collaborate with us on a 2BL logo as well as the other ideas we had for shirts.

I cannot even begin to describe the noise I made when I saw the sloth, but you guys. I know it’s actually induced tears in one person, so it couldn’t possibly be better:

Just in case you’re in need of an explanation for this one, the line is from Red Line Reports 2007 draft guide on Jamie Benn. Boy had size, he just didn’t know how to move it. Thankfully he worked that out in Kelowna.

Y’all Got Nilled! is available on greeting cards, in case you wanted to order one for every PHWA member in Boston, or any Blackhawks fan you know.

There’s a Bamie Jenn 41 shirsey, a Jim Nill shirsey for the GM fan girl in you (Carolyn’s probably already ordered one and a spare) available in both green/gray/black and also white, our excellent tagline homage to Alabama, and my personal favorite (tied with the sloth, really), our new logo:

Which you can buy on literally anything, and which I intend to own on literally everything. (You can order tshirts and accessories in either white or black.)

So, whether you’re looking for presents for the Stars fan in your life or have simply always wanted a tshirt of a beard with some bows, check out our new Red Bubble shop!