11.1.16 Mailbag (The Podcast Overflow One)

Well friends, we put out a call for podcast questions yesterday and got a truly overwhelming number of responses. Which, by the way, is a GREAT problem to have. These are the questions that we felt worked better in written form, or we just weren’t prepared to answer last night.

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5.6.16 SC Playoff Game Recap (I WAS IN MY KITCHEN)

There was nowhere else for me to talk about this, so I’m talking about it here. At 13:06 in the second period of the game last night, I was banished to my kitchen by the internet. I went and I stayed and WE WON so who’s laughing now!?

Why at 13:06? Well, I feel like we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves friends, so let’s go back.

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Two Bearded Ladies Are Going Legit

Hey friends,

Just a quick note here to let you know that Carolyn and I have been invited to become part of the Defending Big D staff of writers. I want to start off by saying we will NOT be closing up shop here, but things are going to be a little different going forward.

We started this blog a little more than a year ago with no idea of where it would go or even what we were doing with it half the time. I remember being really excited when our visitor count broke 50 for the first time. While we’ve reached a pretty wide range of fans through this blog, Defending Big D offers us the opportunity to reach a wider audience with our shenanigans, and we’ve long been a fan of the quality work they do.

We will continue to post things here that don’t fit what DBD is looking for. The podcast will continue uninterrupted and largely unchanged (there will still be an explicit warning on that bad boy, for example, because I have no desire to clean up my potty mouth). We will not be posting nightly game recaps anymore (and we’ve missed the last few games, so we’re sorry about that).

I said this on twitter and I’ll say this here, we’ve been so grateful to the people who read this blog, talked to us on twitter, and sent us questions and tweets and emails. We’ve met some great people over the last year. We hope you stick with us during this transition, and we hope to see you hanging around the DBD forums on our posts (and still sticking around here as well)!

Thanks for everything,

Merrin (and Carolyn!)

12.29.15 Stars vs Blue Jackets Game Recap (If You’re Honest With Yourself You Knew This Was Coming)

Look I’m just not fussed. I’m not. I tried to be. But it was a lackluster effort on a Tuesday night at the end of December and it’s just . . . blah. The Capitals didn’t play tonight so we’re still at the top of the league, and after the Caps it’s 8 points down to the next highest team. In the Central Division it’s 7 points to the Blues and 9 points to the Kings.

WE’RE GONNA BE FINE. We were never gonna go 82-0 and honestly, after the week we’ve had I’m okay with this. At least it’s Columbus and not, like, the Ducks. Or the Capitals. Or anyone in the Central. So we phoned it in against the bottom of the league. IT’S OKAY.

That said, my GOD, that first period blew.

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12.27.15 Stars vs Blues (All We All We All We Do Is Win)

I’m gonna talk about this shutout in a minute, I swear. FIRST, though, I’m going to talk about Christmas week, and the fact that we played four games in back-to-back pairings against three Central Division teams currently in playoff positions. One of them won the Stanley Cup last spring, one of them won the Division last season, and one of them has a goalie I kind of like.

We got 7 out of 8 points this week. The game we lost? We lost by one point. The three games we won? We won by at least 3 goals each time, and the two second halves of each back-to-back were shutouts.

Tell me again we aren’t ready for a playoff series against the Central Division. TELL ME.

In other news, Kari Lehtonen gets a shutout for the first time this season, while at home, where his record hasn’t been as good as it is on the road. His Sv% at home has been .883 over 7 games with 5 wins. His Sv% on the road is .928 over 7 games with 7 wins. On both counts, I dropped two games where he played under 8 minutes (one of those road games was the one in Minnesota before Christmas) but they’re statistical outliers and shouldn’t be counted.

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12.19.15 Stars vs Canadiens (Wins Lift Us Up Where We Belong)

Well first you should know.


That got away from me.

Carolyn is on vacation, so I don’t know if we’re going to get the accustomed chart, but the possession was actually . . . . pretty equal? Listen, they spent maybe five minutes total in 5v5 (not actually but man there were 14 penalties so it kinda feels that way) so there wasn’t a lot to count.

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12.17.15 Stars vs Flames (Stars Flame Out)

Despite impressive efforts, the Stars didn’t win the game last night, and I didn’t particularly feel like writing about it. So I’m letting Tyler Seguin’s face do my reacting for me.


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