7.29.18 Podcast – The One that Splurges at Applebee’s (With Robert Tiffin)

It’s the episode where we forget how to podcast! Carolyn & Merrin are joined by special guest Robert Tiffin, Defending Big D contributor and dour cake man. They chat Janmark’s extension, Gemel Smith’s arbitration, fast casual dining, and Rodney Dangerfield. It’s the podcast that says: don’t worry about salmonella, you eat that cookie dough.


7.15.18 Podcast – The One with the Sex Tape (with Holly Hollenbeck)

Carolyn and Merrin are joined by Holly Hollenbeck of the Dallas Stars Twitterati and noted dog lover. They talk aborted trades, scoring depth, Disney princesses, minor league baseball, and good dogs*. Merrin eats questionable pizza, Carolyn knows what she did, and Jason Spezza metes out karmic retribution.

*Spoilers: they are all good dogs.

7.1.18 Podcast – The One with the Blank Check (with Chris Watkins)

Chris Watkins of Hockey Graphs joins Carolyn & Merrin to discuss all the happenings of Day 1 of Free Agent Frenzy. They chat Carter Hutton Watch, dynasties, what Roman Polak brings to the Stars, startling Stan Bowman, and Jim Benning goes to White Castle.

We’ll miss you, too, Rous!!

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6.17.18 Podcast – The One that’s Being Happen (With Hannah Stuart)

Carolyn & Merrin are joined by special guest Hannah Stuart of theScore. Hannah talks about the upcoming NHL Draft, asserts that the Stars can’t mess it up, and becomes an unwilling participant in some shenanigans. Plus, tips on avoiding perjury when talking about concussions, Montreal loses a trade on multiple levels, and Ottawa does The Most. What’s going on in Brett Ritchie’s bedroom? On second thought, we don’t want to know.


6.3.18 Podcast – The One that Explains Divinity

It’s June and at least one Texas team is still playing hockey! Carolyn & Merrin talk Todd Nelson hire, the Stanley Cup Final and Calder Cup Final. Plus, self-shaming, dubious definitions of salad, and Anne of Green Gables fanfic. It’s an episode that doesn’t care, but with force.


Congrats again to our big winner, Jada, who is taking home two tickets to the NHL Draft & Chase Rice concert. And thank you SO MUCH to everyone who donated to Donors Choose. It’s a great organization, and I urge you to keep in mind if you do monthly charitable giving.

Supplemental Materials

Here’s the really cool NWHL player comparison tool, put together by @alyssastweeting

Here’s a link to Sean Shapiro’s recent film room on Denis Gurianov. (Requires Athletic subscription)



5.18.18 Podcast – The One that’s All Open

It’s another semi-live podcast! That is, if we ever get out of the open. Featuring: Rick Wilson’s retirement, divine brownies, hard playoff choices, and critical dicks. Forget FMK, we invent a new game specifically for the Dallas Stars.

(Minor Infinity War spoilers from 7:54 – 9:18)

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5.6.18 Podcast – The One with Extraneous Vowels

The great Jimening is upon us! All hail Jim! The Dallas Stars have a new head coach, Carolyn has mic issues (we’re sorry!), Merrin goes on an HGTV bender, and why wasn’t that the storyline in Avengers: Infinity War? Plus, playoffs, leafy greens, and, of course, non-consensual licking.

Look at Jamie Benn being all happy and shit.