1.26.19 Podcast – The One with Helm’s Deep on Ice

The Stars DID THINGS! Carolyn & Merrin talk trade analysis, setting a high bar, and the All-Star debacle. Plus, they pitch an HGTV show, create a new podcast, and debut a new segment. Everyone loves a theme night!


12.16.18 Podcast (The One with the Flaming Poultry)

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the Dallas Stars. Carolyn & Merrin dissect the 4-game losing streak, Seattle’s poor choices, what counts as a reboot, pick the best Batman, have zero feelings about the Flyers, and give the Stars some much-needed gifts.

It’s our last podcast of 2018, so Merry Cheermas and have a happy New Year!


Supplemental Materials:

Yikes! Awkward broadcast moment about the Beauts. (Will take forever to load)

A Hallmark Movie about a long-lost Jonas brother.

And look at these sweet jerseys!!!


11.6.18 Podcast – The One with the Game

The Dallas Stars are in a playoff spot! Well, for *checks watch* maybe this next hour. Carolyn & Merrin try to avoid election-night coverage, talk Nichushkin, coach firings and, of course, the latest Senators shenanigans. Plus, Brett Ritchie’s blackmail material, bad surprises, and haunted sex dolls. Here’s to you, Mrs. Dickinson!