5.6.16 SC Playoff Game Recap (I WAS IN MY KITCHEN)

There was nowhere else for me to talk about this, so I’m talking about it here. At 13:06 in the second period of the game last night, I was banished to my kitchen by the internet. I went and I stayed and WE WON so who’s laughing now!?

Why at 13:06? Well, I feel like we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves friends, so let’s go back.

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6.13.15 SC Playoff Recap (Hijinks! Shenanigans! Stress Vomiting!)

Last night was one of those games where I had to get tipsy before it even started so that I didn’t stress vomit at puck drop. I can’t even imagine the mess I’ll be when the Stars are in the same situation. I have to apologize for the lackluster recap, as I’m still recovering from my exhausting day yesterday.

Blackhawks v Lightning
Final Score: Hawks 2 – Bolts 1
Series: Hawsk 3 – Bolts 2

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SC Final Game Recap (I’m Not a Jinx They’d Already Lost)

I know I know another recap from MERRIN where the BLACKHAWKS LOST but look they’d already lost when we decided I should do the recap so you know whatever, right?

I’m pretty sure the hockey gods knew Carolyn was gonna make me do this.

LOOK DON’T BLAME THE MESSENGER I’M A VICTIM HERE TOO. (A victim of what, you ask? The Lightning being the Stars East. We’re all a victim of that.)

Lightning vs Blackhawks
Final score: Lightning 3 – Blackhawks 2
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6.6 SC Final Recap (Listen, No One Promised a Sweep)

Let’s clear something up really quick, lest you get the wrong idea. The Hawks aren’t fated to win when I’m in charge of the recaps, it’s just that when Merrin is on the schedule, they always lose. Besides, 1-1 is nothing to the Hawks (and we all kind of like the Lightning anyway. Seriously though, is there anyone who doesn’t like them? They’re young, adorable, play good, fast hockey…do you hate puppies too? What kind of a monster are you?)

Blackhawks vs Lightning
Final Score: Hawks 3 – Bolts 4
Series: Tied 1-1

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6.3.15 SC Final Recap (Well, That Escalated Quickly)

I always love the first game in any series because while the stakes are high, no matter the outcome, both teams have a legitimate shot at the title. During the first game, I can actually enjoy hockey and life in general. It’s all just downhill from there.

Blackhawks v Lightning
Final Score: Hawks 2 – Bolts 1
Series: Hawks 1 – Bolts 0

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