1.19.17 Podcast (Jim Nill: Femme Fatale)

In a crazy busy week, Carolyn & Merrin take a break to talk Jim Nill: Femme Fatale, whether or not Lindy Ruff should be on the hot seat, pointless purple jerseys, if Patrick Sharp will be reunited with the Blackhawks, and can we ever fix the defense?

Is anything softer than Tyler Seguin? You tell us!

1.1.17 Podcast (The Softest Bad Boys in the League)

Happy New Year! It’s DHH’s third birthday and Carolyn and Merrin recount their wildly different NYE experiences. Also, the Stars’ power play is awful, Sam Gagner is amazing, and Devan Dubnyk’s Nana always knew he’d be a success. Plus, the moment you’ve all been waiting for — the Dallas Stars Foundation Fancy Boys Calendar critique!

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12.19.16 Podcast (The One with all the Demons)

It’s a Christmas Miracle! The Stars are turning things around! Probably! Goaltending, movie spoilers, Dr. Merrin diagnoses what the f*ck is wrong with the Central, Carolyn can’t be trusted, and it all comes down to demons. Happy Holidays!

Note: Recording volume seems to be high again, so I recommend turning down the volume on your device.


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12.7.16 Podcast (The One With the Queso)

A quarter of the season gone, and the Stars are primed for maximum sadness. That Pat, what a maroon! Merrin drops some All-Star truth bombs, Carolyn has a cold, Jamie Benn is keeping secrets, and Sen. Ted Cruz is… right? It’s official. We live in #bizarroworld.

Note: The audio sounds a bit loud to me, but that could be my cold. I advise turning down your volume to start the podcast.

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