Armchair GM: We Can Rebuild It (Pt 1 – Buffalo Sabres)

It’s time for another installment of the Armchair GM. This time, I’ll be looking at the four teams who completed probably the most successful tanks in history, and where they need to go from here. I’m starting with the worst of the regular season, so for part one, we’ll be looking at the Buffalo Sabres.

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My Condolences to McDavid

You’ve probably heard the shock wave that hit twitter by now: the Edmonton Oilers won the draft lottery on Saturday night. I know, guys. I know.

I feel like their instagram person knows it too.

The Oilers last saw the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2006, when they actually made it all the way to the Finals before losing in game 7 to Eric Staal and the Carolina Hurricanes. The offseason saw most of the major players traded away or lost to free agency. Chris Pronger (did you know he was an Oiler??? I sure didn’t) unexpectedly requested a trade and ended up with the Ducks. In 06-07, partly because of losing most of their top players in the off season, they had a shitty season, followed by a shitty season in 07-08, and then they were purchased by Daryl Katz.

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