4.27.15 – Podcast Episode 10 (The One With the Sean Connery Impression)

The Ladies recap the playoffs thus far, take on #genderlesstrashtalk, come up with the best way to honor Ralph Strangis next year, and ask: who is more likely to freak out at a busy starbucks – Tuukka Rask or Jonathan Quick?

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Long Read: Four for You, Ladies in Sports Media, You Go Ladies!

When we started this blog, Merrin & I wanted to do a few things for the Dallas Stars fandom: first, have a place to dump various statistical musings and my feelings about numbers in general, and second, provide a sense of levity to a sport that frequently takes itself too seriously. But it was definitely on our minds that we would be two ladies, albeit bearded, in a very male-dominated sphere.

And we, as relatively unknown bloggers, have it easy! There have been too many articles recently about women in hockey media being sexually harassed and bullied either in person or online (often by their male peers). When women reporters post articles on big sites, like Puck Daddy, or even for newspapers, comments are frequently about the reporters looks or contain sexist slurs. For god’s sake, “Puck Bunny” couldn’t even win the Puck Daddy “Ban This Word” poll.

So I think it’s high time we give props to those women who choose walk the hard road, and do a bang up job of it.

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