Podcast Episode 22 –11.03.15 (The One with the Candy)

In this post-Bruins game episode, the Ladies discuss Dallas’ hot start to the year, attempt to eat their weight in lollipops, talk about the come-from-behind shenanigans we’ve seen, sell their souls for a buck, rate the best and worst NHL halloween costumes, answer reader questions, and Carolyn & Merrin just aren’t ~meant to be~.



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2.10.15 – Stars vs Bruins (Snow Is Cold, Ice Is Slippery, And God Hates Boston)

Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve gotten to do a recap when we won? I think Reagan was still in office. (Dad jokes, I got ‘em.)


I can’t even remember how to write these when we win. I should show a graph now, right?

2.10 Stars vs BOS Corsi_ZSO

On our last podcast I said I felt like when the Stars had more shots on goal we were more likely to lose. Hilariously and sadly, that’s actually born out by our record this year: we’re 29th in the league when outshooting our opponents. Of course, this was prior to the Buffalo game, but since we outshot Buffalo and lost, then got outshot by both the Rangers and the Bruins but won, probably nothing has changed about that ranking.

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