12.8.15 Stars vs Hurricanes (Are We Having #Fun Yet?)

When you read this recap please do yourselves a favor and picture a dirty, sweaty Russell Crowe standing center ice in the AAC yelling to the crowd “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED???”

This game, friends, is pretty much EXACTLY what lands the Dallas Stars in the “fun” category of all those charts the analytics crowd (Carolyn included) posts on twitter. What makes them fun? HIGH EVENTS. SCORING CHANCES. GOALS.

So many goals.

Admittedly, for a certain subset of fan of either the Dallas Stars (myself included) or the opposing team, these games are less “fun” and more “mind-blowingly stressful.” Read More »

11.6.15 Stars vs Hurricanes Recap (The One with Faksa’s First Goal!)

It’s a rainy, overcast day here in Austin, Texas, but my joy remains unflagging. You know why? It’s certainly not because my dad reminded me that my proud Jayhawks are playing against the Longhorns and I should watch that humiliation live since I have access to Longhorn Network.

NO! It is because our crazy little hockey team won again last night, against a team I consider a sleeper pick for the playoffs – the Carolina Hurricanes. This win puts the Stars at 11-3-0, 22 points, top of the Western Conference and second in the league.

11.7 Standings bling

Yes, I did make a blingee of our league standings. Because this is a serious hockey blog.

Per usual, all numbers here are 5v5, score adjusted, and from war-on-ice.com unless otherwise stated.

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