10.10.15 Stars vs Avalanche Game Recap (WELL THAT HAPPENED)

Alternative titles: Third Period Meltdown, How Dare You Waste Two Eakin Goals In This Manner, Why Do You All Look So Goddamn Tired, WTF Is This Positioning, Why Did I Start Watching Hockey Again.

Look at the chill I have. All of it.

I don’t have the promised graph because Carolyn didn’t pack her charging cable when she went to RITHAC. What I can tell you about our possession metrics is that everyone but Jason Spezza and Patrick Eaves were positive. Eaves in particuar was -9. Not sure what was going on there. And TRAVIS MOEN was your possession leader. You heard me. Jordie Benn clearly misses Jason Demers.

Conversely, all but five of the Avs were negative.

BUT WE LOST. I swear to god, Stars, if this is the Starry Starry Season part 2 I’m . . . well I’m gonna keep watching and rooting for you but I’m gonna be so unhappy about it.

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2.27.15 – Stars vs Avalanche Game Recap (Are You As Tired Of This Shit As I Am?)

FRIENDS. We would need to win 15 of our next 20 games to even be considered in the playoff race. I’m pretty sure we’re all aware the likelihood of that is about as good as one of our three backup goalies stealing us a game this year (brb I’m laughing). Now would be an appropriate time to start your grieving process for missing the post season.

(It never hurts to start preparing yourself. And you know, if they surprise the whole world and the teams around them in the bubble suffer epic collapses, well, you can jump straight out of that grieving process into jubilation.) (I just want you to understand the likelihood of this happening, so I found you this site: Sports Club Stats. Only read if you’re prepared to weep.)


2.27 Stars vs COL Corsi_ZSO

Information from war-on-ice. Overall CF% at 5v5 was 57.3%, overall SCA/60 against was 28.4 (slightly over league average) all numbers score adjusted.Read More »

2.3.15 – Stars vs Avalanche Game Recap (Merrin’s Very Salty)

I went to bed last night in the vain hope that I would wake up this morning and not be quite as pissed off about that game last night. And. Well. It was a vain hope. I feel like I’m MORE pissed off this morning.

Standard disclaimer: possession numbers taken from waronice, unless otherwise mentioned they’re 5v5 all situations.

Here’s a goddamn possession chart to start us off:

2.3 Stars vs COL Corsi_ZSO

Do you see. Do you see how much we possessed the puck. Only four of our players were under 50% CF. You might be asking yourself HOW DID WE LOSE THIS GAME WITH ALL THIS POSSESSION. I’m so glad you asked.
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1.10.15 – Stars vs Avalanche Game Recap (Central Division Collision)

If you looked at cable listing for what I watched yesterday afternoon, it looked like I was watching the Dallas Mavericks vs whoever it was the Mavs played and frankly, after midway through the second period I would rather have been watching that game.

Disclaimers: possession numbers come from War On Ice, and if I mention them at all I’m only looking at 5 v 5, because I don’t want to do the math necessary to understand CF % on special teams.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS GAME. Of course we can, let’s talk about this game.

First let’s talk about POSSESSION which is my favorite thing to look at these days. I have this handy graph from my cohort Carolyn, because she’s amazing with excel. (She says the lines are from before Fidds got hurt, but that really only affected the fourth line.)

1.10 Stars vs COL Corsi_ZSO

Looking at these numbers, I seriously do not understand why we lost the game. Pay ALL THE ATTENTION to the fact that only two players, TWO PLAYERS had under 50% CF the whole game in 5v5 situations. This graph is the whole 60 minutes and I super don’t feel like doing math for the special teams, but godDAMN look at Jordie Benn’s numbers.

We’ve been tooting his horn for a while now, and I had to do it again with someone on twitter yesterday. I don’t know what y’all are looking for out of his play. He’s possessing the puck literally more than any other single player on the ice and, if you’ll check back through the recaps, has consistently been doing this since paired with Jason Demers. Sure he makes some bonehead moves, but so does every single other player on this team, or did you miss hockey savior John Klingman-berg’s turnover that directly led to Nathan MacKinnon’s goal? What about that super, super sloppy turnover Jamie Benn had in the third?

Can we all just . . . not?
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