4.5.17 Podcast (The One with the Hitman Economy)

Carolyn is MOVING! Merrin has her mind on SPACE! Gary Bettman is a ROBOT! The Stars might draft a GOALIE! The end of the season is in sight, the Olympics are out, and ice cream is a sign.


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Podcast 42: Looks awful, tastes great

Better late than never! Recorded on 10/12, you can blame this delay on Carolyn (and Austin allergies).

HOCKEY’S BACK! Carolyn & Merrin discuss new addition Korpikoski, Team Dads, Klingbeard, and try really hard not to make fun of the Oilers (spoiler: they fail). Plus, Carolyn ruins fantasy hockey and Merrin relives childhood trauma. All in a day’s work.

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Podcast 41: We’re not ready

It’s the preseason, y’all! Carolyn & Merrin sum up their thoughts from training camp weekend, obsess over idioms, break down the Great Russian Flight, celebrate Ralph Krueger’s triumph, lament North America’s tragedy, and make themselves really, really hungry. Chipwiches for everyone!

Podcast 40: Show me the money

In this episode, Carolyn & Merrin discuss Tyler Seguin’s high school reunion, break down the messy World Cup origin story, get themselves get perma-banned from Canada, and the Flamingos are full of disappointment.


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Podcast 39: The One with the Experiment

Bad puns about the Czech Republic, Stan Bowman — Slytherin, leaving everyone’s favorite ginger out in the cold, Carolyn toys with Merrin’s feelings (in the name of science!), and will anyone actually be playing in the World Cup of Hockey?

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Podcast Episode 35 (End of Season Musical Extravaganza)

It’s that time of year…Deep in the Heart of Hockey is back with the End of Season Musical Extravaganza! So turn your volume way, way down, and sing along with Carolyn & Merrin as they dissect the Stars’ second round playoff exit, seranade Tyler Seguin, wax lyrical about goaltending, and express their hockey feelings through song.

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