12.4.15 Stars vs Oilers Game Recap (Travis . . . Mo . . Moen? You Said?)

If you’d told me that the only emotion I’d feel watching the Oilers play the Stars was an overwhelming urge to take a nap, well. I probably wouldn’t have believed you. I don’t nap at 8:30 on Friday nights. (I’m lying, I totally would. I would nap any time. I live the life of the perpetually sleep deprived.)

But like. Seriously y’all. Some baffling choices made going into this game. Eaves out, Moen in. (Moen? Do we have someone on the roster named Moen?)

Oleksiak and Nemeth in, even though their read on the ice remained . . . kinda shaky last game. We need at least one of them in for Jason Demers, but Jokipakka stayed in the press box again and I’m not entirely sure he deserved that. Although if this is just Jim Nill showcasing Oleksiak and/or Nemeth for trade bait, I’ll take it.

And that’s it. Those were the weird roster decisions. Lines looked the same as the blender setting from last game, with the aforementioned exception of the Moen/Eaves switch. Which actually meant that Hemsky moved up to the second line, so lines were not actually the same. So many names already in this recap.Read More »


10.13.15 Stars vs Oilers (Second Period Tire Fire)

We outshot the Oilers. We out-possessed the Oilers. We drew more penalties, won more face-offs. We also had more giveaways because hellooooo we were turnover CITY for a while.

BUT WE ALSO OUTSCORED THEM SO WHATEVAAAAA. I mean, honestly though Oilers I love you quite a bit, just not when you’re playing the Stars.Read More »

Armchair GM: We Can Rebuild It (Pt 3 – Edmonton Oilers)

It’s time for the third installment of my Armchair GM: We Can Rebuild It series, looking at probably the most tragic of the four teams: the Edmonton Oilers. Why is their story so sad? Well, because unlike the Sabres, Coyotes and the Maple Leafs, they were actually trying to be better this season.

Click to read Part 1 on the Sabres, or Part 2 on the Coyotes.

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My Condolences to McDavid

You’ve probably heard the shock wave that hit twitter by now: the Edmonton Oilers won the draft lottery on Saturday night. I know, guys. I know.

I feel like their instagram person knows it too.

The Oilers last saw the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2006, when they actually made it all the way to the Finals before losing in game 7 to Eric Staal and the Carolina Hurricanes. The offseason saw most of the major players traded away or lost to free agency. Chris Pronger (did you know he was an Oiler??? I sure didn’t) unexpectedly requested a trade and ended up with the Ducks. In 06-07, partly because of losing most of their top players in the off season, they had a shitty season, followed by a shitty season in 07-08, and then they were purchased by Daryl Katz.

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3.17.15 – Stars vs Oilers Game Recap (But I Thought You Were Tanking?!?)

If you were looking for a star-ier cap to the season, I don’t think you’re ever going to find one. I can reference so many things we’ve talked about this season. The Stars lost on the road. (Remember how their road record is better than their home record?) In Canada. (Remember Carolyn’s post about their record in Canada?) While outpossessing and outshooting their opponent. (Remember literally every recap about a loss?) To the team with the third worst record in the league. (Remember that game against Buffalo?) To their own erstwhile backup goalie. (REMEMBER?)

Not even lost. No. The Stars were SHUT. OUT. by their former backup goalie. Who, BY THE WAY, has not recorded a win with the big club in two seasons. Granted, he’s played all of six games for them at this point, but this was his first win.

Update on playoff chances: kiss the postseason goodbye, babes. Even if we win all seven remaining games, our chances are 27% as of right now. I wouldn’t bet on those odds.Read More »