Podcast Episode 18 – 8.25.15 (The One With the ~Fantasy~ Draft)

Because there’s very little hockey news in late August, the Ladies decided it was high time for a Super Special Fantasy Hockey Podcast! They talk where to play, what types of leagues, and share the rules of Feminist Fantasy Hockey. Also, they have a ~fantasy~ draft live on the podcast, and you’ll never guess who their first round picks are.

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Mailbag: Friends Don’t Let Friends Watch the Flyers

Mail time, mail time, maaaail time! Here’s the mail it never fails, it makes me wanna wag my tail, when it comes I wanna wail: MAAAAAAAAAAAAIL. Eh? Eh?? (I have spent way too much time babysitting in my life.)

Another Two Bearded Ladies mailbag! Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. We love you!

Anonymous asked:

If y’all could have any players from any time period to make a starting line up, who would you pick and why?

C: This is the question from our podcast that I couldn’t answer then, and I have to confess I don’t have a much better answer now. I mean, first, are you trying to assemble the “winningest” starting line up? Or just your favorite players from each position? I’m assuming they’re all at the height of their careers.

My picks come from a place of curiosity, really. I’m a relatively new hockey fan, and none of my family watched hockey, so I don’t have any context for a lot of the older players. After reading this article on the Player’s Tribune (and of course, having watched Miracle like 80 billion times) I’m really kind of sad I missed out on watching Soviet hockey, so I’d have to throw in at least one of those guys – Kharlamov probably. Then put Gretzky at Center because, well, you have to. And honestly, I’d probably put Patrick Kane at right wing because HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE??? (if you haven’t seen the new Go Pro video yet, you need to go right now).

I’d love to see Zubov play, because this is a Stars blog and I feel I need to know what the fuss is about more than just watching highlight reels on youtube. And for my other defenseman…Klingberg. Because they get compared a lot, and it’d be cool to see if they really are as similar as people say.

And thennnnnnn…Jacques Plante in net. Because why not. He’s an icon.

M: My issues are Carolyn’s issues, honestly. I just watched Red Army on Tuesday night (GO SEE IT IMMEDIATELY IT’S AMAZING), and I’d honestly really love to watch that reunited Russian line that took the Red Wings to back-to-back Stanley Cup wins in the 90s. Like all five of them.

That said! My picks will also be coming from a place of curiosity. I’ve heard enough about Paul Kariya to know that I’d like to have seen him play, so we’ll put him at left wing. Center is gonna have to be Wayne Gretzky because. Well. It just is. Gordie Howe at right wing in hopes that he gets his own hat trick.

On defense, Tim Horton so I can tell him his donuts are delicioius, especially those maple ones, and Bobby Orr, because one of the things I do remember from hockey before I actually followed it (along with Wayne Gretzky) is that picture of him flying across the ice after he scored the Stanley Cup winning goal. Plus every time I google him I’m linked to a million articles about how he revolutionized the defensive position, and who wouldn’t want to see that in action?

I have no idea how any of these people would play together, obviously.

In net I’d like to see Jim Craig, because sometimes I root for USA hockey. (Just not when they’re playing against Jamie Benn.)

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