10.24.15 Stars vs Panthers Game Recap (I Know We Can’t Win Them All But We Could Try Harder)

Allegedly, a game was played last night up in Dallas. I say allegedly because I was not a first hand witness, as I should have been, both because I’ve been sick and because of Hurricane Patricia dumping half the Pacific Ocean on all of Texas. But heeeey, at least my tickets sold fairly quickly.

This alleged game began with a warm up featuring the Stars roster as tulips for their annual Hockey Fights Cancer Night:

I mean you tell me.

source: grilledcheesbyisreal

Bekki Nill, wife of Jim Nill, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, dropped the puck before the game.

Also please feel free to watch that The Franchise video, because it features Julie Dobbs interviewing Bekki Nill and telling her what an inspiration she’s been and it gave us a lot of feelings.


10.17.15 Stars v Panthers Game Recap (The One With The No Goal Goal)

Good morning fellow Stars fans! How bout that game, huh? Off the bat, I want to say a few things – the Panthers are no joke this year. They were difficult to beat in preseason (aka, we did not beat them) and then again tonight, they were very worthy adversaries. I’m feeling a little bad I didn’t pick them to make the playoffs (but I think they’re not a very deep team, so they’ll need everything to go right if they want end up in the postseason).

Also, for as much flack Razor gives him for being over the hill, Jagr is still on my ~fantasy~ team.

Anyway, let’s get down to it. All numbers are 5v5, score adjusted, and from war-on-ice unless otherwise stated. Click here for a primer on how to read my game charts if you’ve never seen them before.

The Good


10.17 v FLA Game Chart


  • Side Note: See, here’s one of the unusual things about score effects. Typically, the trailing team has a much lower shooting %. Why? Because they’re throwing EVERYTHING on net. Garbage shots, weak shots, everything and anything that might go in. But that’s not how the Stars played. While there were some scrambles in front of the net, they remained composed, stuck to the plan, and won.
  • Side Note 2: Our power play, the object of much anguish last year, has been effective this season. I don’t know what they changed (other than Sharp on unit one, which is so sweet), but I like it.
  • Side Note 3:

Kari has really looked so much more like his old self. The change is unbelievable. We’ve spoken about Jeff Reese coming in to help him with the mental part of his game (and some other technical stuff as well) and it looks like it’s really paying off. I’m glad we have winning goalies, but I’m also a fan of Kari, the person, so I’m glad he’s out of the doghouse.

It was Radek Faksa’s NHL debut last night and man did he look like he fit right in on the 4th line. He almost pulled a Ritchie/Janmark, scoring on his first shot of his first shift, but Luongo is a big meanie who hates rookies, so he saved that chance. Either way, this kid will be a good addition to the team while Moen is out.

  • Side Note: Faksa left home at 11 years old to pursue his dream of pro hockey. I cried a little (a lot) watching this.

The Más o Menos

Patrick Sharp will never score again, but it’s ok as long as he keeps feeding Tyler those pretty passes.

Also, we just need to accept that all No Goal calls are going to go the opposite way of how we want them because of Karmic Retribution for ’99. This is just how life works, folks.

The Bad

Jordie & Jyrki had some really ugly shifts last night. It was bound to happen and has happened to everyone else on the team at some point already this year.

  • Side Note: The upside of this is that we might finally see Oleksiak and Nemeth in action. I’m big on Nemeth, so I’ve been waiting with anticipation for this moment.
  • Side Note 2: <3Janmark<3 has not had a bad shift. So really that sentence should read “everyone else on the team except for the newest baby Swede”.

Razorisms (and Other Shenanigans)

Guest Post: The Panthers, ESPN Deportes, and Bridging A Cultural Gap

Contributed by Sara Garcia/@Sara_LNR – check out our guest contributors page for bio.

As someone who is of Mexican-American descent (first-born in the US on my father’s side), I often feel that my own ethnic background is overlooked. I’m no longer someone who is considered Latina, instead, I’m considered white. I’m scoffed at and told things like, “there’s no ice in Mexico,” as if the fact that being mixed race AND a hockey fan could ever coexist. It’s discouraging. I want to enjoy hockey as much as the next person, but small mindedness isn’t helping. The Panthers introducing Arley Londoño as a regularly-scheduled Latinx voice helps me feel more secure in identifying as a fan who comes from a Latinx background.

French broadcasts seem like second nature to fans of the Montreal Canadiens. There’s even a whole channel dedicated to broadcasting for French-speakers (TVA, for those who are interested). A Punjabi broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada is readily available in Canada. So, it would only make sense for the NHL to make a Spanish-language broadcast available to residents of the US and/or Canada, right? Spanish is only the second-most spoken language behind English in the US, why should it matter?

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3.5.15 – Stars vs Panthers Game Recap (Two Is a Streak Right?)


For reals though you guys, there was a bit in the third period last night where Razor was reminding us that we were facing their third string back up and they didn’t have Jagr or their captain on the ice and the Stars were STILL STRUGGLING TO BEAT THEM and while that should maybe give us some pause and a desire to reflect on what a failboat our team has been this season, WHATEVER WE WON.Read More »