Game Recap: Ducks vs Haw-no. Canada vs Russia!!!!! (Merrin Has No Time For Ducks)


No really, listen.

I don’t want to talk about the Hawks game yesterday. It was shit. The Hawks were the 25-times-this-year-Stars where they outplayed the competition and lost. It was bullshit. I’m so mad that I wanted to throw things but I was at Carolyn’s house so I didn’t.

SO INSTEAD. I’m going to give you a recap for the Canada/Russia game yesterday, and you’re gonna like it because it involves three Stars.

Canada vs Russia
Final Score: Canada 6 – Russia 1

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5.12.15 Podcast Ep 11 (The One Where Merrin Walks Away)

The Two Bearded Ladies attempt to update you on the Stars playing in Worlds, cast aspersions on Jimmy Veseys moral character, Carolyn goes on a rant about East Coast Bias, and Merrin tries to make #duhviously happen. (It’s never going to happen).

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