Podcast 42: Looks awful, tastes great

Better late than never! Recorded on 10/12, you can blame this delay on Carolyn (and Austin allergies).

HOCKEY’S BACK! Carolyn & Merrin discuss new addition Korpikoski, Team Dads, Klingbeard, and try really hard not to make fun of the Oilers (spoiler: they fail). Plus, Carolyn ruins fantasy hockey and Merrin relives childhood trauma. All in a day’s work.

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Podcast Episode 24 –12.1.15 (The One With Facetiming)

In this shenanigans-filled episode, the Ladies love Jason Demers, say nice things about Brad Marchand (no, we’re not kidding), make a lot of boys cry, Carolyn goes off about the DoPS and Merrin finally admits her secret shame. Remember, everyone loves a good jazz square.

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9.30.15 Mailbag (The Ladies Weigh in on the Hot Dog/Sandwich Debate)

The season is drawing ever nearer, which means we, the Ladies, have reached the “frothing at the mouth” stage of anticipation. While we know our readers aren’t always as ravening as we are, we figured now would be a good time to bring back the 2BL Mailbag, just in case you had burning questions about the upcoming season.

Anonymous Asked:

Who do you guys think will be beside Jomoo Bonn and Toloor Sogoon? I’m hoping it will be Potrock Shorp.

C: I laughed until I cried when we got this question. I completely forgot about this joke. Oh man.

M: I think it was the first time I fell off the now sadly deflated exercise ball, so I don’t forget this one. Jomoo Bonn ahahahahaha.

C: As for actual lines, yes, it looks definitely like Potrock Shorp (teeheeeeeee) will be joining the wondertwins.

M: As Merrin predicted in the beginning of the summer, Carolyn shot down, and then Lindy Ruff confirmed. Or, Morron (HOW DID I NEVER DO THIS BEFORE) Corolon, and Londo Roff.

C: Londo Roff!!!! It’s like a Star Wars name.

M: I was literally making this joke at exactly the same time. GREAT MINDS.

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The Post of Pulchritudinous Patricks

It’s no secret to anyone with . . . eyes that Patrick Sharp is a beautiful man.

Once voted one of the 50 most beautiful people in Chicago, Patrick Sharp has the chiseled jaw of a lesser (or greater, let’s be real) god, maybe the god of good flow and sassy (and infrequent) tweets.

And if Patrick Sharp is a god, Patrick Eaves is at least a demi-god, maybe even Sharp’s younger brother, the god of enormous dogs and piercing blue eyes. (Look I never said I was aces at assigning god duties.)

In our 4th ever podcast, the Ladies had a conversation about which Patrick in the NHL was the most pulchritudinous. I believe Carolyn came down on the side of Sharp and I came down on the side of Eaves. We left it up to our readers to decide, and out of 35 votes, a staggering 19 were for Sharp. (This is so scientific, our sample size is so large, these are foolproof results.) (Like it would be any different if we asked Chicago fans to get involved.)

Patrick Eaves pulled a respectable second, only two votes ahead of Patrick Kane, because hockey fans love mullets and soft hands, I guess? I’m not even sure about that voting, but the important part is that Eaves came in second.

Meaning, Stars fans, that we have the TWO PRETTIEST PATRICKS IN THE LEAGUE ON OUR TEAM.

And we’re gonna celebrate in style. If just posting a bunch of pictures of extremely good looking men can be considered a style.

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6.23.15 Podcast Episode 14 (The One with All the Nudity)

The Ladies discuss Tyler Seguin, nudist, give a nod to the two big topics in hockey today, the Awards and the Draft, and ask for your help in solving a serious debate.

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Book Review: Room For You

You know how sometimes you sign up for a free month of Kindle Unlimited and you just type “hockey romance” in the search box and you just, you know, take a chance on anything that pops up? Well. Sometimes that goes really poorly for you.

Room For You by Beth Ehemann

Kacie Jensen has one main priority in her life: raising her twin daughters, Lucy and Piper. Ever since her ex—the girls’ father—vanished four years ago, Kacie’s sworn to keep her head in her studies and her heart out of trouble. Moving back home to her mother’s bed-and-breakfast had seemed like the best way to start over.

But when hockey star Brody Murphy washes up on the front steps of the Cranberry Inn during a raging storm, he awakens a hunger in Kacie that she’s long forgotten…and he opens her eyes to a life she never thought was possible. With so much more to lose this time around, can Kacie trust her heart to make the right decision?

Room for You is the sweet, tantalizing first novel in bestselling author Beth Ehemann’s heartwarming Cranberry Inn series.

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5.12.15 Podcast Ep 11 (The One Where Merrin Walks Away)

The Two Bearded Ladies attempt to update you on the Stars playing in Worlds, cast aspersions on Jimmy Veseys moral character, Carolyn goes on a rant about East Coast Bias, and Merrin tries to make #duhviously happen. (It’s never going to happen).

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