Movie Review: Ducks Fly Together (The Only Time Merrin Will Be Nice About Ducks)

Is there a chance that hockey fans out there have not watched The Mighty Ducks?

The answer is apparently yes, as Carolyn and I were DISMAYED to discover when we planned a movie night with some local friends. With that in mind, we present this review of the entire trilogy (because yes, we watched the entire trilogy in one afternoon, because you can, and because why not) to entice any other unfortunate souls who have not had the pleasure.

The Mighty Ducks

How could you not want to watch this movie already, based on this picture alone?
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Movie Review: Score, A Hockey Musical

This summer, because there won’t be hockey games for us to review, Carolyn and I are going to watch some hockey movie classics and bring you reviews. We’d planned to kick it off with a showing of The Mighty Ducks but honestly after that game on Sunday I couldn’t stomach it. So we did Score: A Hockey Musical instead, which turned out to be an EXCELLENT palate cleanser.

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