10.22.15 Stars vs Penguins Game Recap (The One with the 6-on-3)

Is it just me or does the world seem bright and kinder when your team is on a winning streak? That’s right folks, the Stars won again last night and I kind of don’t know what to do with myself! I’m so optimistic today, I feel like skipping through a field of flowers.

The Stars are now tied for first in the West and 2nd in the league. I promise I’m not lying.

look at this

I’ll jump right into the recap now. Per usual, all numbers are 5v5, score adjusted, and from War-on-ice.com unless otherwise stated.

The Good

10.22 v PIT Game Chart

After being outplayed for most of the 1st period, the Stars not only won, but dominated the possession battle in the 2nd, and with enough of a lead, they were able to sit back and try and safely dump the puck out of the zone.

  • Side Note: Is Janmark-Spezza-Val the line of my heart??? Only time will tell.
  • Side Note 2: How scary are the Stars that you can shut down Jamie-Tyler-Sharp line and still lose by 3 goals? I’m thinking of going as the Stars offensive depth for Halloween. Strike fear into the hearts of my neighbors.

When teams talk about “activating their defense” they mean getting them involved in the generation of offense. You don’t get more “active” than goals scored by Johnny Oduya(?!?!?) and John Klingberg. Swedish beasts, both of them.

  • Side Note: How pretty was Klingberg’s goal? So pretty. Let’s watch it again.

Niemi played OUT OF THIS WORLD last night. Jim Nill looks like the smartest man in hockey right now. Obviously, we’ll have to lose at some point, but by god, at least it won’t be because we’re getting subpar goaltending night after night.

Mas o Menos

Ok, y’all know me. I do not typically get angry about reffing, but let’s all agree – last night’s referees very clearly did not like the Stars. Poor Radek Faksa got called twice, but the replays showed no infraction. I still believe that all reffing regresses to a mean, but damn is it annoying when a team’s Ref-DO aka “Ref Luck”(…yes, that’s a stats joke…stop looking at me like that) plummets during a single game.

  • Side Note: How good was our Penalty Kill last night? I mean, the Power Play scored, which is great, but HOT DAMN that PK. At one point, the Stars fought off a 6-on-3 two minute power play on the strength of good positioning and a badass goalie.

The Bad

Speaking of a 6-on-3 power play, a frustrated Jason Demers elbowed Nick Bonino in the face last night. Listen, Jason, I know you were super annoyed that the high stick on you wasn’t called, but you just can’t do that shit. (Per 2BL policy, here is a link to the injury, we do not embed those)

  • Side Note: We have not received an update on Bonino’s health, but we’re all crossing our fingers for the best case.
  • Side Note 2: Demers will have a hearing with NHL Player Safety today. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s suspended for a game, maybe two. Intent to injure was definitely not there, which usually means punishments are lighter, but the fact that Bonino was injured means it’s likely he will get suspended.
  • Side Note 3: I mean…at least Nemeth or Oleksiak will get to play now? #brightside

Your Daily Razorisms

10.8.15 – Stars vs Penguins Game Recap (Holy Home Opener, Stars Fans!)


You guys I barely remember how to do these, it’s been so long.

This is gonna be quick and dirty because it’s 7:30 the next evening, I couldn’t take notes while I was watching because I was WATCHING THE GAME IN PERSON, and I don’t have graphs. (SORRY THERE WILL BE GRAPHS FOR TOMORROW’S GAME.)

There’s also no graph because Carolyn is at the nerdy stats conference (it has a name which I think is RITHAC but I wasn’t invited so I didn’t bother to learn it) being a baller nerdy stat person.