Your 2BL Top 10 Prospect Guide (2015)

If you’re like us, you don’t follow much amateur hockey, so while the draft is exciting it’s more of a spectacle than anything. With that in mind, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to do some research on the top ten prospects and help our readers know what to look for when the worst teams step up to the mic on Friday night.

This “Top 10” prospect ranking is from TSN, because Central Scouting divides their prospect list into North American skaters and International skaters, with an entirely separate list for goalies. Also, we like it because Uncle Bob McKenzie has a good eye for talent, and the other very comprehensive list is ESPN’s, and well, do we really trust their hockey coverage? (No. No is the answer.)

Anyway, let’s kick things off, shall we?


source: TSN


Connor McDavid – C

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Reasons We Should Be On the Texas Stars Yearbook Committee

With the overwhelming number of injuries to the Dallas Stars recently the Bearded Ladies thought it might be handy to become more familiar with the players we’ve got in the system. Of course, we can’t just give you a list with some stats, we’ve got to do it Bearded Ladies style.



Most likely to win a staring contest with Steve Buscemi

Kevin Henderson looks like a particularly angry and weary elf. Like Legolas’ pinched and not-nearly-as-zen older brother. Idk maybe it’s the sharp features. ANYWAY, also on a contract with the Texas Stars, again unlikely to be seen in Dallas. He has played four games in the NHL, with the Nashville Predators, and scored his first (and only) NHL goal against the Blackhawks.


Most likely to have been involved in at least three failed garage bands

Justin Dowling played his first full season with the Texas Stars in the 13-14 season, where he impressed enough that the Stars signed him to an additional two years. He hasn’t yet been called up to Dallas because of the talent of the people in line ahead of him but he could be one we see in coming seasons as he develops.


Mostly like to be related to the Munsters

Branden Troock has played with the Stars for a hot second so, like, I can make fun of his name right now and that’s about it. (But seriously, is it like took or toque or tro-ock. I need some pronunciation assistance here.) From Edmonton so his fave player growing up was probably Shawn Horcoff.

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