12.27.15 Stars vs Blues (All We All We All We Do Is Win)

I’m gonna talk about this shutout in a minute, I swear. FIRST, though, I’m going to talk about Christmas week, and the fact that we played four games in back-to-back pairings against three Central Division teams currently in playoff positions. One of them won the Stanley Cup last spring, one of them won the Division last season, and one of them has a goalie I kind of like.

We got 7 out of 8 points this week. The game we lost? We lost by one point. The three games we won? We won by at least 3 goals each time, and the two second halves of each back-to-back were shutouts.

Tell me again we aren’t ready for a playoff series against the Central Division. TELL ME.

In other news, Kari Lehtonen gets a shutout for the first time this season, while at home, where his record hasn’t been as good as it is on the road. His Sv% at home has been .883 over 7 games with 5 wins. His Sv% on the road is .928 over 7 games with 7 wins. On both counts, I dropped two games where he played under 8 minutes (one of those road games was the one in Minnesota before Christmas) but they’re statistical outliers and shouldn’t be counted.

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12.26.15 Stars v Blues Game Recap (In Ur Barn, Stealin’ a Point)

Well, that was a game last night. There was a lot of good, and a lot of meh, and I came away feeling like we really held our own against another playoff bound team. That said, I was really disappointed that the game went to OT; I really wanted our boys to lock down the points in regulation.

Sorry folks, no glitter today. Loser points don’t get sparkles.

Per usual, all data is 5v5 and score adjusted and from war-on-ice.com unless otherwise noted.


The Good

Colton Sceviour followed up his goal against the Blackhawks with another beautiful one against the Blues. Honestly, you can’t ask for a prettier goal against a hot goalie. Once deemed the unluckiest man on the Stars (by yours truly), Scevs is starting to find the back of the net again, and that’s awesome.

Yes, I know the “goals” section is later, but I’m trying to celebrate what went “Right” about that game.

  • Side Note: I’ll reserve that for the shootout. Spezza’s goal deserves its own section.


The second best thing about this game was Kevin Shattenkirk’s game-saving stick. Listen, I wanted the Stars to win more than anyone, but honestly, this kind of shit is like why we watch hockey in the first place.


Niemi was once again fantastic, which begs the question: who starts tonight?


The Más o Menos

Unlike that 3-0 thrashing that happened last time these two teams met, the Stars actually stuck to their guns. The first period was some of the best defensive hockey they’ve played all year, and they did a great job on the counter attack.

  • Side Note: Overall, the Blues only hit about 38.2 Fenwick For per 60 (FF60), which is slightly under league average (38.8), and definitely under what they’ve been averaging so far this year (41.2).
  • Side Note 2: The problem is that the Stars only averaged 31.9 FF60, and they usually average 43. So that…was..a thing.
  • Side Note 3: Both teams had about the same number of high danger scoring chances per 60 (Dallas with 7.3, Blues at 6.9) which means both teams did really well at defending the crease.


Jamie Benn scored in the shoot out! Tyler Seguin did not! Everything is opposite!


The Bad

12.26 v STL Game Chart

We got CREAMED in possession numbers. A lot of this happened in the second period, when the Blues took advantage of some extended zone time to get a lot of shots off.

But if we’re honest, the most damning thing on this chart is that Seguin, Benn and Sharp had the absolute best puck possession numbers on the team, but had only 2 5v5 scoring chances between the three of them.

  • Side Note: Yes, obviously Tyler scored a goal, but it wasn’t from what’s considered a “dangerous area” and honestly Allen should’ve had that. Scoring chances are slightly more likely to become goals than shots from the perimeter, which is why teams focus on them.
  • Side Note 2: For perspective, in the game against Chicago, the trio had 5 scoring chances, and even against CBJ, where Seguin & Benn were the two worst possession players on the team, they put up 6 scoring chances. To win games against teams like the Blues, that top line can’t let themselves be pushed to the outside.


To top all that off, the team took FOUR penalties, giving up one power play goal, and then failed to capitalize on the only power play they received. While I wasn’t a big fan of the reffing in that game (hey Tim Peel, I see you), the Stars aren’t going to win unless their special teams are firing on all cylinders. 10 minutes of special teams gameplay is the same as half a period. It needs to be treated like half a period.


Giving up that goal with less than two minutes left was crushing. With how well we’d been blocking shots and getting in lanes all game it was just…RAR!!!!!!!!! I hate the Blues. I hate that we’re playing them 5 times this year. I hate that we’re playing them TONIGHT.


Goals on Goals – Shootout Style




12.12.15 Stars vs Blues (Honestly I’d Rather Be Playing a Board Game)

If I could make this recap nothing but a rage face, I would. But I mean, first time they’ve been shut out all season and that took 30 games? I’m not used to having nice things, I don’t know how to react when the nice things have a not so nice game.

The Stars have only had 4 games against the dreaded Central Division so far this season. They’ve won 3 of those games but lost 6-3 to the Avalanche in the second game of the regular season. And, all four of those games have been against the bottom three teams in the division.

So like. This was a test. This was a test the Stars, sadly, did not pass. Talking heads are going to point to this game as proof that the Stars won’t be able to survive a playoff series, let alone FOUR of them to get to the Cup.

To that, I say

Anyway, let’s talk about this game I guess.


4.3.15 – Stars vs Blues Game Recap (Twitter With Occasional Graph)

Y’all it’s too much tonight. Also, there was some miscommunication between the Bearded Ladies and the one who was paying attention doesn’t have time to write the recap, and the one who does have the time wasn’t watching. So you get this instead.

The usual graph from Carolyn.

4.3 Stars vs STL Corsi_ZSO

Numbers from waronice.com, 5v5 score adjusted. Overall, CF was 60%. Stars had 32 shots on goal, Blues 21. That’s right, TWENTY ONE. The Blues scored seven goals on 21 shots.

Which is really just. sad. If Nill doesn’t address our defense/goaltending issues over the summer, I’m going to stop calling him “The One.”Read More »

3.15.15 – Stars vs Blues Game Recap (Who Even Wants a Postseason)

So, kittens. In the 2/27 recap I told you we needed to win 15 of our next 20 games to even have a chance for the playoffs. We’ve won 5 of 8. Which means, if you can do math, that we need to win 10 of 12 now, and those two losses better be OT losses and not regulation ones. I’m getting these odds from here: Sports Club Stats

I just. I hope you’re all preparing. I’m preparing. I’ve got lots of vodka and craft beer. And pizza. Nothing eases heartbreak like pizza.

ANYWAY. This game was so starry. It was so stupidly starry.

Have a chart.

3.15 Stars vs STL Corsi_ZSO

Muck Line still doing work. Fiddler and Sceviour had a great game. JoBenn and Demers are not playing as well apart as they do together. I need Klingberg and Daley back in the lineup so those two can be reunited. (Someone on twitter asked about the Victorian pining going on between those two and that was a nice distraction after the game.)

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