10.15.15 Stars vs Lightning (I Will Fight You, Nesterov)

Oh man, it’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these. WELCOME BACK TO CAROLYN’S VERSION OF STARS RECAPS!! Woooo! I know, I know, not as fun as Merrin, but I try to make up for it with even more numbers and slightly more structure!

Which is pretty much the metaphor for our blogging styles in the first place.

Let’s dive right in why don’t we? All numbers are 5v5, score adjusted and from war-on-ice.com unless otherwise noted.

The Good

We won!! Yay! We also didn’t collapse in the third period, mostly!! Yay!!

Kari Lehtonen looks like his old self again! Yes, it’s only two games, but he was tracking the puck well, and made several “keep us in the game” kinds of stops. The kind of stops he wasn’t making last year.

  • Side Note: Honestly, I’m 100% cool with allowing only 3 goals on the Lightning (assuming we score more). They completely dominated scoring chances and shot attempts (more on this below) and they have so many offensive weapons that 3 goals against is pretty dang good.

Depth scoring again was the name of the game, as we had 5 different skaters scoring on Ben Bishop.

  • Side Note: I’ll have whatever Hemsky’s having. Both he and Spezza have 6 points through 4 games.  Hip surgery? What hip surgery?
  • Side Note 2: Jamie Benn has 5 points in 4 games. I’m really starting to suspect he & Hemsky faked surgery as an excuse to drive around a scooter for a month.
  • Side Note 3: We’re already gearing up for another season of “Carolyn is salty about the Calder” as Mattias Brother #1 has 4 points in 4 games. Listen, I know he’s a dark horse, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to hate this award until the end of time at this point.

We scored two goals on the power play, which like, never happened last year! Jamie owes Spezza a beer for just how pretty this pass was.

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2.5.15 – Stars vs Lightning Game Recap (Nothing Special About Our Special Teams)

Trying to think of new and different ways to say the same thing. We got out goaltended. Again. By their back up. Again.

51st verse, same as the first. A little bit sadder and a whole lot worse.

Standard disclaimers apply: numbers taken from war-on-ice, all situations, 5v5 unless otherwise specified.

Here, have a graph.

(Carolyn posted it at the bottom, idk.)
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