11.10.15 Stars vs Maple Leafs Game Recap (The Albatross Game)

Why is it, that of ANY TEAM in the Eastern Conference, the one that beats us with regularity are the Toronto Maple Leafs. They swept our series with them last year, they swept us again this year, and you know what, I’m gonna tempt fate and say they’ll probably sweep us next year, too.

For what it’s worth, though, the Stars didn’t have a bad game. They buckled down, got some goals, and they literally had bad bounces going the other way.

No bling today, as it wasn’t earned. Dallas still leads the Western Conference, but it’s only by 1 point. Seguin is still tied for first in points, and Jamie is in a three-way tie for first in goals.

11.11 goals

Per usual, all numbers are from war-on-ice.com, are 5v5 and score adjusted, unless otherwise mentioned.

The Good

11.10 v TOR Game Chart

The Stars were out possessed in the first, but came back in the second, and really split time in the third.

  • Side Note: Faksa again impressed me. When Moen (who??) and Eaves come back, do they really want to send him back to Cedar Park?
  • Side Note 2: Jordie and Jokipakka got slaughtered by the Leafs. Like, they could not hold onto a puck to save their lives last night. JJ lost literally every match up, while Jordie only put up positive numbers against Spaling and Grabner. I wonder if we’ll see Nemeth & Oleksiak against the Jets on Thursday. After all, Lindy may want to add some size to the lineup against them anyway, given their hard-hitting history.

This goal by Vern Fiddler is a thing of fucking beauty. Watch it over and over and let it heal your soul.

Jason Demers is having himself a season. He got the assist on both Stars goals last night (primary ones at that) and deservedly so. He plays like he’s 6’5” and 240 and goes fearlessly digging for pucks, which is how the Sharp goal tied the game. Four for you, Demers.

The Más o Menos

Niemi wasn’t spectacular? I really don’t know how to judge this. Two out of three goals took deflections off our own players, and we’re pretty used to three goals against, but also it could’ve gone the other way if he’d just been a TAD sharper.

  • Side Note: It was mentioned that they’ve gone “off plan” with respect to the goaltending. I think you’ll see Lehtonen on Thursday.

We only took one penalty 🙂 They scored on the power play 😦

The Bad

TWO OUT OF THREE GOALS TOOK DEFLECTIONS OFF OUR OWN PLAYERS. The first, of course, went in off of Jordie Benn’s skate, because life was going TOO WELL for him. The second (and the game winner) deflected off Sceviour’s stick as he tried to block the shot lane.

  • Side Note: My conclusion here is that defense is useless.

For some reason, we just…didn’t…shoot the puck yesterday. No, I know we had 38 shots total, but honestly this is the least amount of scoring chances our top guys have had in a while.

  • Side Note: Look, I have a chart to prove it.

11.11 iSC60 for top 4 fwd

  • Side Note 2: You know how guys talk about “needing to get to the net”? It’s kind of cliché, but it’s also super-true. Sharp’s goal came from that exact kind of play, but look at this. That red outline is right around the net. We had like, NO SHOTS there. Instead, most of our shots came from the left side of the ice (incidentally, Goligoski led the team in SOG with 5). Toronto, on the other hand, got right up in our goalie’s grill to get some good rebound action.

11.10 shot locations

Goals on Goals


And another look at that Fiddler goal because sometimes we deserve nice things.


11.2.15 Stars vs Leafs Game Recap (Dungeons and MapleDragons)

The setting: your party wakes up in a brightly lit room. You’ve got skates on your feet, pads on your pointy bits, a helmet on your head. Your agility, intelligence, perception, etc modifiers are on the cards in tucked in your lockers. A man in black and white stripes comes in and asks you to follow him.

Do you? You do.

The next room has a sheet of ice and what looks like thousands of people all staring at you expectantly. There’s another group of people wearing similar outfits to yours, but blue instead of white and green. Your special skills and power items are are on your character sheets at the bench.

The man in the black and white stripes tells you to roll initiative.

First period

Playing the role of Dungeon Master tonight is whoever the two refs and the two linesmen were. I don’t pay attention to their names. Yes, there are four of them. They control the fates of the universe, so it certainly can’t be me, non player character that I am.Read More »

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