And Your Winner Is….

First, we would like to say thank you to everyone who voted and commented and cried on our shoulders.

It’s been a rough tournament, full of choices we didn’t want to make, but we powered through and made them. And now it’s time to crown a victor.

And with 72.5% of the vote, your winner is…

Jordie Benn and The Great Skate Deflection!

source: Rose Baca/Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer
source: Rose Baca/Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer

Yes, in this year’s tournament of Heartbreak and Elation, Heartbreak takes it by a landslide. Thank you, Jordie Benn’s distraught face for being the perfect summation of our season this year. Hopefully, next year, the Stars will return well rested and ready to turn those frowns upside down.

I would also like to shout out some late entrants who, if we weren’t trying to horn in on the college basketball marketing, would’ve probably made the field:

Travis Moen’s back to back goals

Jhonas Enroth breaking the Starting Backup Goalie Curse

The power play being 5th on the road and 28th at home.


Jamie Benn on #ArtRossWatch

Thank you everyone for participating, and let’s enjoy this One Star-ry Moment while it lasts!

Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation: The Final

It’s here. The moment we’ve all been waiting for: the final vote in the Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation.

It has been a long and rocky season, full of the highest highs and the lowest lows, which is why we felt the need to name the tournament thusly. And you, good readers, came through for us, picking one of the best moments of the season to pit against one of the worst.

Remember, you’re voting here for the moment that best encompasses the Stars season as a whole. A moment, frozen in time, that we’ll be able to point to as we sum up the season for our grandchildren. Voting closes on Wednesday at 12pm Dallas Stars time.


The Facial Hair Final

On February 17th, the Dallas Stars took on the St Louis Blues at the Scottrade Center. They were only 5 points out of a playoff spot, and if the Stars were going to take a stand and make that final push, someone had to step up and be that leader.

To no one’s surprise, that person was Captain Jamie Benn. Even veterans like Shawn Horcoff and Jason Spezza, both captains themselves at one point, have been impressed with Jamie’s leadership off the ice, but that night Jamie silenced his critics by scoring not one, not two, but three goals in the 4-1 victory, and helping the Stars stay in 2nd place in the league in goals per game.

That’s right, Jamie scored a hat trick, his first ever in the NHL. Unfortunately, there was no rainfall of caps because it was an away game, but we were treated to this:

I imagine Tyler “Hat Trick Machine” Seguin probably knows what he’s talking about. Here’s the video if you want to bask in the glory of Jamie’s hat trick. Which you do. Because it was awesome.

But this isn’t the story of just the one Benn, no. Jamie’s hat trick is going up against the deflection heard ‘round the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. That’s right, this match up is the battle of the Benns.

On March 3rd, the Stars took on the Islanders at the AAC. Tyler Seguin still hadn’t returned from his injury, but for the first time since October, Patrik Nemeth would be donning the Victory Green. Ruff dressed 7 Dmen for the game, intending on sheltering Nemeth with some easy, low minutes in the offensive zone. But on the first shift of the game, Matt Martin kneed Trevor Daley, and that plan went to pieces.

Daley, as most of you know, plays extensive minutes on both the power play and the penalty kill, in addition to being a potent offensive weapon. Someone was needed to step in and play that role, and quickly, because their playoff chances were slipping through their fingers.

Who could possibly do that for us?

Jordie Benn.

Yeah, you heard me. Jordie Benn stepped up, played the most 5v5 minutes on the team, and even played 4.5 minutes on the power play, an unusual assignment for him. Jordie led all defensemen with a 62% CF% and blocked two shots while generating as many individual shot attempts as Jason Spezza. It was one of the best games of Jordie’s career so far.

Until the Islanders, in an attempt to force OT, pulled their goalie and put the extra attacker on the ice. The Stars handled the first 1:24 with aplomb, blocking shots and helping Kari, but with 1.1 seconds left and Tavares streaking to the net, Anders Lee desperately centered the puck, hoping their captain could save the game. Instead, it bounced off Jordie’s skate and right past a flummoxed Lehtonen.

The Stars did go on to win in OT, so they kept the dream alive for another few days, but this image of Jordie will be burned in our minds forever.

source: Rose Baca/Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer
source: Rose Baca/Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer

So, it’s come down to this: which Benn brother had the Most Star-ious moment of the season? You decide.

Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation: The Frustrating Four

We’ve made it, Stars fans. Through fire, flame, burned out playoff chances, and a lot of frustrating (but sometimes hilarious) moments in this Star-ry Star-ry season. You’ve chosen our final four contestants (hereafter referred to as the Frustrating Four), now vote on who makes it into the Final Round.

Voting for the Conference Finals ends Sunday evening, so make with the clicking of radio buttons!

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Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation: The Enduring Eight

All right, Stars fans. I’m told when eight teams are left in March Madness it’s called the “Elite Eight” (because the sports world is obsessed with alliteration). I’m not really feeling the elite moniker, so how about the Enduring Eight. As in, we’ve endured both this season and this tournament thus far.

No one’s going to hire me to market anything, I’m aware.

Voting for this round ends Friday morning at 9 am (Dallas Stars time) so make with the clicking on the polls, friends!

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Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation: The Not-So-Sweet Sixteen

Last week saw the best of college basketball move from a field of 16 to an elite group of just eight. Well, it’s time to do the same for our Why So Starious moments. I hope you have all recovered enough from the last rounds to vote again, because there are some big decisions left.

Voting for this round will close on 3/31, so crack those knuckles and fire up those pointer fingers. You’ve got some polls to fill out!Read More »

Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak & Elation – Round 2 of Soul Patch and Supervillain Goatee

Once again, the real March Madness Tournament has proven to be a disappointment (*Drops to my knees* WICHITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), so I’m going to pour all of my hopes and dreams into this one about the Stars. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

It’s Round 2 for the Soul Patch and Supervillain Goatee divisions! There were lots of upsets in the first round – will we see those again this round? If you haven’t voted for the Duck Dynasty and Neck Beard Divisions, click here. Get all your votes in by Friday 3/27!Read More »

Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation – Round 2 of Duck Dynasty and Neck Beard

Well Stars fans, you’ve made it through Round One of the Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation. Some of this is fun, some of this makes me want to cry, some of this makes me want to drink, and some of this makes me want to drive to Dallas to burn sage in the Stars’ locker room and purge the evil spirit that is clearly residing there.

(I mean really, you tell me.)

But we’ve taken the winners (if you want to call some of these winners, my frickin god) from round one and pitted them against new opponents for Round Two!

So please vote, my friends, and tell us which you think is more indicative of this oh-so-star-ry season.Read More »

Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation (The Supervillain Goatee Division)

Friends, are you enjoying reliving this Star-ry season as much as we are? And by enjoying, I mean frequently taking breaks from voting to bang your head against a desk or wall. This sure has been an interesting season. But hey, we have reached the final entry round! If you did not cast your votes yesterday for the Soul Patch Division, please take the opportunity to do so here.

Please vote for the option in each match up that makes this season seem the Star-iest.

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Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation (The Soul Patch Division)

Welcome to Day Three of the Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation! Unlike Carolyn, I did not grow up on a steady diet of March Madness. I’d never even filled out a bracket before NHL Playoffs in 2013. Everything is a new adventure!

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Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation (The Duck Dynasty Division)

It’s Day Two of the Why So Star-ious Tournament of Heartbreak and Elation! And the Beardiest Ladies are here with more hand-wringing, nail biting, shouting at the TV memories of the Dallas Stars season thus far. If you haven’t voted in The Neck Beard Division match ups, go! You’ll have until Thursday (3/19) to vote for both that division and this one.

Vote for whichever moment you feel best encompasses the Stars’ crazy season thus far.Read More »