Podcast Episode 23 –11.17.15 (The One Where They Fight)

11.18 Standings


In a world where the Stars are 15-4-0, the Ladies must begin complaining about other teams to fill time, end up fighting over the honor of coaches in the playoffs, agreeing loudly about the stupidity of the campaign for bigger nets, and adopt a human kitty as they struggle to say nice things about the East.

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5.25.15 SC Playoffs Recap (Of Course There Was No OT When We Can Sleep In on a Monday)

It’s Memorial Day! I hope everyone is able to actually do things like go to parades to honor our brave servicemen and women, because here in Texas, we’re having pretty much the worst weather. (Tornado watch until 4pm!) If you’re Canadian, well, I hope your Monday’s going alright.

Game: Lightning v Rangers

Final Score: Bolts 2 – Rangers 0

Series: Bolts 3 – Rangers 2

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5.22.15 SC Playoffs Recap (Would This Game Have Been Better at 2-1? Sources Say “No”)

My Roomie has decided that the Lightning are her favorite team in the playoffs, because “Quicksilver would play on them if he were a real person…and a hockey player…and he’s the best. I mean, look at their logo!” Needless to say, the loss, on top of her already bad day, was not what she wanted to see last night.

Game: Rangers vs Lightning

Final Score: Rangers 5 – Bolts 1

Series: Tied 2-2

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