3.15.17 Podcast (The One with Tree Sexism)

Are we done yet? Blue line questions, Nichushkin check ups, Sami the cat, Mass Effect, the USA Women’s hockey strike, and rooting for the underdogs. Will Merrin survive her gut wound? Will Carolyn survive her romance novel?

(Volume warning at the start)


5.4.15 Mailbag! (USA FLAG EMOJI)

Monday is Mailbag day! Well, at least on weeks without a podcast, anyway. So we reached out to you good readers because we want to know what’s on your mind!

If you have a mailbag or podcast question, feel free to email us at beardiestladies@gmail.com, hit us up on twitter @beardiestladies or on tumblr at twobeardedladies.tumblr.com.


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