11.27.15 Stars v Canucks Game Recap (So Many Penalties)

Happy Brunch Time Stars fans! I hope you’re having a wonderful *checks calendar* Small Business Saturday? Idk.

WE ARE NOW AT 18 WINS ON THE SEASON!!!!!! Can you believe it? I can’t believe it. It feels too good to be true. We’re also now 5-0 on the game after a loss. Seguin mentioned that it was important to the team this year to be bouncing back from those bad games, and while I wouldn’t call last night’s game a particularly good game, they didn’t lose!

Dallas is currently second in the league, with a game in hand on the Montreal Canadiens. But today, I’m talking about a different Canadian team, so let’s get right to brass tacks. Per usual, all numbers are 5v5, and score adjusted, from war-on-ice.com, unless otherwise stated.

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10.29.15 Stars vs Canucks Game Recap (THE NICKELCOMEBACK)

You know what hardly ever happened last year? Comebacks. This team would get down two goals and then EVERYONE would get angry and sloppy and Kari would get stressed and the entire system would fold like a house of cards.

This year? Two out of three games in this homestand we’ve had to come back from at least a two goal deficit to win the hockey game. Three out of the last six games have been like this. That’s such an improvement over last year and, even more encouraging? Kari was in net for one of those.

These are the games we needed to find a way to win last year, and while it’s better to, you know, not dig yourselves into a hole you had to climb your way out of, the fact that we’ve proven to ourselves that we CAN is better than the alternative.

First period
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